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Eve In Society

Dear Eve,

We live in a world where the female gender is seen as lesser than the male gender,where women are raised to lower their voices and keep their opinions to themselves because according to society, “women are only meant to be seen & not heard”. We live in a world where women constantly face the problem of sexual objectification which causes us to be seen as objects whose value is merely based on sex appeal.

In today’s world,women at continually reminded that it’s a man’s world and that we should “know our place” which is apparently beneath the man. The world today is one where women are meant meant to be docile and submissive creatures who need the guiding hand of a man &any woman who tries to go against this is seen as opinionated and loud.

Society makes it seem like a woman is meant to aspire to marriage as her greatest goal;as though her main objective for being alive is to just get married to a man and bear his kids and that other achievements like building a career or getting a good education and all what not are less than necessary,it also makes it seem that the women who choose to focus on these other goals are “stepping out of their place” and forgetting their position in society.

Although in today’s world,women are given more freedom than before;the fact remains that women are still seen as the underdogs of the society,are still denied certain opportunities and are still harassed simply because of their gender. Of course we know that the situation of women in society is really shitty,but instead of complaining about how unfair society is,we should remember that we are the society and if we want things to change,then we should make it happen.

Well that’s it for today,I’m Benita and thanks for joining me😊

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