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Society & The Rape Culture…

In the world today,there are a lot of new trends popping up everywhere,some good and others bad, among these trends is the rape culture which will be discussed today. Now for those not exactly familiar with this particular trend,the rape culture is the social concept which treats rape and or any other form of sexual violence as a normal, everyday situation and blames the victims rather than the perpetrators for the assault.

The rape culture is a concept where rape is justified rather than condemned,excuses are made for the rapists while the victims are shamed,where sexual violence is tolerated, condoned or even glamorized. Now there are certain behaviors commonly associated with the rape culture and some of them are;

i.) Victim blaming. ii.) Trivializing rape. iii.) Sexually explicit jokes. iv.) Teaching potential victims to avoid getting raped rather than teaching potential rapists not to rape. v.) Sexual objectification of any form. vi.) Assuming that men don’t get raped or that only weak men get raped. vii.) Tolerance of sexual harassment.

The rape culture perpetuates the belief that the victims have contributed to their own victimization and are responsible for what has happened to them which forces them to remain silent for fear of being blamed for something they had no control over(not like anyone wants to be raped for God’s sake). And as most victims of rape are women,the existence of the rape culture causes the female gender to live in fear,to police themselves,to avoid doing certain things or avoid wearing certain outfits in order not to attract rapists.

Girls are raised to believe that their bodies should be covered up in order not to distract the boys and that they’re not to express their sexuality freely for fear of getting raped or being slut shamed. Girls are forced to learn to protect themselves from getting raped,to always carry a weapon around, to avoid putting themselves in situations where they could get raped and to cover up more so that they don’t tempt the boys to do anything crazy,while no one is teaching the boys to respect girls and to not rape(you know,actually dealing with the problem🙄).

The rape culture is toxic and it puts women in a position of constant fear for their lives and safety,it makes women believe that society can’t protect them from being abused because it most likely doesn’t care(really messed up). It makes women loathe their bodies because they are made to feel like their bodies cause men to lose control and rape them while also portraying men as being unable to control their violent sexual urges which is also quite demeaning.

Because rapists are the sole cause of rape.

So how do we end the rape culture? Well we can end it by speaking up against it, by actually holding the rapists accountable for their actions rather than making excuses for them,by resisting acts of slut shaming and victim blaming,by accepting the fact that men can and do get raped,by supporting and believing survivors of sexual violence,by calling out the media for glamorizing sexual violence,by teaching men not to rape and most important of all,by recognizing the fact that people neither ask for nor deserve to be harassed,assaulted or raped. Remember we are the society and if we want things to change,then we have to bring about that change.


  • Chi!

    This is a very under-emphasized topic. It has become too normal to be an issue, yet we keep breeding more man-haters, traumatized men and women with broken souls, praying for healing.
    We keep playing the blame game , while our future is badly damaged. Our mothers would still teach us the way they had been taught , “it’s a man’s world”, “you need to cover up “, “you know men don’t like this or that” and our fathers will still leave the poor boys to do the growing themselves, dealing with their challenges and experiences like “a man”, when he wasn’t even taught how to be one.
    I’ve had countless arguments with my mother about their method of raising the girl child. The problem is that the society refuses to see that there’s a fault in their childraising methodology.
    They refuse to see that their Parenting Manual Guide needs revision and some policies that were made from that Manual guide, changed up.
    And this is you making your own change visible. The change we all want, the change we all await.

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