Relationship Material Vs Hookup Material:The differences between them

Okay so let’s imagine this scenario;you got this cool guy you recently started going out with and you both seem to be hitting it off just fine. After a while though,you’d definitely want to know what his true intentions are and if he’s on the same page as you are because when it comes to love,you’d want to be super sure about things before going all in and giving out your heart. I mean you wouldn’t want to experience the heartbreak of falling in love and dreaming of a perfect romantic relationship;only to find out that he just saw you as a hookup.

Well, it would actually be quite easy to know where he stands but then there’s one thing that makes it oh so hard; pretenders. You know them,those guys who just wanna play around with you and keep their options open but who try to make you think otherwise because they know that a lotta girls are not really big on hookups.

If you are pretty much okay with the idea of hooking up with zero strings attached then you have no problem. However, if you are more of a relationship type, then you’d be pretty pissed off with the idea of a guy playing with your feelings just so they can get some sexy time with you(so annoying🙄).

Well in this post I’ve decided to drop a few things to look out for in order to have an idea of where he stands( though I’ll say that the best way to find out is to ask him where he stands,you can’t really go wrong with this). Anyway,here are 10 differences between a man who only wants a hookup and a man who wants a real relationship with you;

1.) Mr Hookup doesn’t make effort to plan dates,Mr Relationship however puts in effort when making plans; A guy who’s just after the sex wouldn’t really put in any effort when planning things(unless of course he’s sure of getting laid) while a guy who wants a relationship is going to put in the work when making plans because he wants you to know you’re important to him.

2.)Mr. Relationship is actually interested in getting to know you,Mr. Hookup couldn’t care less; Now a guy who’s looking for a relationship with you would want to get to know you on a deeper level because he’s interested in you as a person. A guy who’s just hooking up with you wouldn’t bother himself to get to know you because he’s not interested.

3.)Mr. Hookup only texts you when it’s late at night,Mr. Relationship texts you throughout the day; Ahh yes, the classic late night booty. A guy who texts you late at night asking you to come over and chill is only looking for an avenue to get some kitty. A guy who wants a relationship though,would text you during the day to know how you’re doing, make plans and just keep in touch

4.)Mr. Relationship is consistent,Mr. Hookup pulls a disappearing act until when next he wants to smash; A guy who wants a relationship with you would do his best to stick to plans made by the both of you because he respects your time and he wants you to see him in a good light. A guy who just wants sex from you is going to disappear from your life until the next time he wants to have sex.

5.) Mr. Hookup’s main interest is getting in the sack with you, Mr. Relationship’s interests go beyond the sack; I think this one pretty much explains itself. A guy who is only interested in hooking up with you is pretty much only going to be talking about “putting you in seven positions for seventy minutes”. He’s only interested in having sex with you so why would he talk about anything else? A guy who wants a relationship though is interested in more than just sex with you and he makes sure to let you know.

6.) Mr. Relationship is there for you during the bad times, Mr. Hookup is nowhere to be seen; A guy who wants a relationship with you is going to be around to help you when you’re going through a rough time or he’d be there to give you a shoulder to cry on,what matters is that he’s around. A guy who’s just hooking up with you would disappear once things get rough and wait until everything has blown over before popping back into your life (and your bed).

7.) Mr. Hookup’s compliments are based on your physical aspects while Mr. Relationship’s compliments go deeper than that; Compliments are actually a great way to gauging where a guy’s interest lies. A guy who’s only after sex would base most of his compliments on your physical appearance because that’s what he’s interested in. A guy who’s after a relationship will compliment both your physical appearance and your personality because he knows you’re more than just a hot body.

8.) Mr. Relationship sees beneath the beautiful while Mr. Hookup is focused on surface attractions; If he wants a relationship with you,he’s going to know you beyond the beautiful face and all. He’ll know your quirks and love them because they’re part of what makes you who you are. If he’s only hooking up though then he’s bound to focus on your looks and nothing more since that’s all he cares about.

9.) Mr. Hookup tries to rush into sex, Mr. Relationship tries to take it slow; A guy who’s only hooking up with you will pretty much try to rush things so that you both end up in the sack and he gets what he wants. A guy who wants a relationship however will try to take things slow so that you don’t feel like he’s only after your body.

10.) Mr. Relationship is not afraid to define the relationship while Mr. Hookup tries to dodge this; This is the most important bit;a guy who wants a relationship with you is not going to hesitate when it comes to labeling and defining the relationship because he wants you to be his and he wants to show you off to the world as his girl. A guy who’s only hooking up with you though will avoid putting a label or defining the relationship because he knows he doesn’t want to be in a relationship.

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