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Body Shaming In Society

With the media today setting and promoting unrealistic beauty standards and the beauty industry constantly making people insecure about their appearance, a lot of people will(at some point in their lives) feel insecure about their looks and wish even if for a while that they can look like that super pretty girl on the cover of the magazine. This causes a lot of people to do a lot of crazy things just to get that lovely figure(and end up with the side effects of whatever they did),unfortunately it also brings about criticism and judgment,especially for those who are not exactly up to the standards. And this is where the vile trend of body shaming comes in….


What is body shaming?

Body shaming is the practice of making critical, harmful and potentially humiliating comments about a person’s body,or the act of criticising oneself or other individuals because of certain aspects of physical appearance. Body shaming is basically the trend of bullying and humiliating people just because they don’t have the perfect body, and is one of the most toxic trends to ever exist in this modern time because it has affected way too many people who have been forced to go to extremes in a bid to achieve the perfect body.

Forms of Body Shaming

To be honest,body shaming occurs in so many forms today,some are obvious while others are so slight that we would actually think they were normal,but that doesn’t mean that they’re not doing any damage to the individual(s) concerned and society at large. Some forms of body shaming are listed below;

1.) Assuming that overweight or underweight people have a “body image” problem; Actually,anyone can have problems with their body image,not just those who are seen as too thin or too fat. Besides a lot of skinny and plus sized people love their body just the way it is,so to assume that they have body image problem just because they’re not exactly matching the existing beauty standards is crappy and unfair.

2.) Labeling women’s bodies as ‘real’; When the idea of what a real woman should look like,a lot of people immediately think of the curvy women. This makes it seem like other women who are less curvy are not ‘real’ which is so wrong. Every woman is a real woman whether she’s curvy or not.

3.) Criticizing other people’s appearance; Making negative comments about someone’s appearance and judging them based on physical appearance is so unfair because the criticism can pick at the person’s confidence and self-esteem, which can result in low self esteem and an inferiority complex.

4.) Judging an individual’s sexuality based on the form of their body; Assuming a person’s sexuality just because of their body form is not okay. For instance,assuming that a girl who is pretty must be sexually active and even wayward because she’s attractive is bullshit. Some people even go to the extent of classifying all pretty girls as sluts which is both offensive and demeaning.

5.) Comparing oneself to another person and thinking badly of your body; Sometimes we’re our own worst critics,and this is especially true when it comes to body shaming. Comparing ourselves to other people who we feel are more attractive than us and picking apart our bodies in our minds looking for flaws is a very negative habit that can cause our self esteem levels to drop.

6.) Pretty Shaming; “Oh wow,you’re quite smart for a pretty girl” ,” I thought all handsome guys are players”, these are all forms of pretty shaming. Yeah,even the attractive people face a bit of body shaming,I mean making silly assumptions about a person just because they’re attractive is downright offensive.

Now, although members of every gender are at risk of being body shamed,it is mainly women who fall victim to this toxic teen,mostly because a lot of unrealistic beauty standards have been set for them and as such,many women are shamed for not being up to par. This puts a lot of women in a position when they take desperate measures in order to achieve the “perfect body”.

Things that promote body shaming….

In the society today,there are a lot of things that promote body shaming. A good example of things that promote it are the adverts run by companies in the beauty industry which are designed to make women feel insecure about their own bodies in order for them to buy their products. The media is also a factor responsible for promoting body shaming as they aid the promotion of the unrealistic beauty standards set by society. For instance,in most sitcoms;the fat character is portrayed as a clumsy person and is put there for comic purposes; this makes plus sized individual think that their body size is unacceptable which is not so. The social media too is another powerful promoter of body shaming, I mean on Instagram we see pictures of people who are perceived as having the perfect body and a lot of people who view these pictures are made to feel insecure in their own skin.

Love your body ❤ ❤

Effects of body shaming….

Well of course a trend as unhealthy as body shaming is bound to have lots of negative effects such as;

  • Low self esteem and loss of self confidence.
  • It can also lead to depression and other mental health issues.
  • It can cause or promote the chances of one developing an eating disorder e.g anorexia or bulimia.
  • It causes people to feel uncomfortable with their bodies and this breeds self loathing.
  • It pushes people to undertake desperate measures in order to achieve the perfect body.
  • It causes people to feel inferior because of their looks and this tends to cause social problems.

So how do we stand up to body shaming? By preaching self love,by teaching people that everyone is perfect just the way they are. If we want to stop the trend of body shaming from being a norm,then we need to let go of the unrealistic standards and celebrate every body type. So love yourself,just as you are 💖💖💖

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  • Trisha

    It gets so bad to the point that people get uncomfortable when a person that is fat or skinny, depending on which one they have reservations for:get close to them
    Example I was on a bus recently and a plump girl sat beside a woman and this woman got up and switched seats, u could see the disgust in her expressions, there was no hiding it.


    Truely realatable and wonderful blog.Its very informative at the same time.
    I honestly loved this blog Arreta.
    I liked your writing style and your vocabluary is great.
    Thank you so much for taking a stand and writing this blog.

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