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What’s your idea of perfect?

“The perfect body….”

“The perfect job….”

“The perfect life….”

If there’s anything people want to achieve,its perfection. I mean as it is most of us if not all of us are currently trying to achieve some measure of perfection in their lives,and although this is a good thing(I mean who doesn’t want a little bit of perfection in their lives?),it can also turn out to be a bad thing,what with people pushing themselves to extreme limits in a bid to achieve perfection while others tend to feel pressured to conform to a certain standard of perfection,and this pressure can come from either friends and family,society at large, or even from their own selves(after all we are our own worst critics).

Unfortunately society’s own set standards of perfection also tends to add to the problem as people feel bad about themselves for not being able to come close to the already set standards. In addition to this, society tends to be a bit too hard on those who haven’t achieved what is expected of them,let’s use the African society for instance; over here it’s “your mates are doing this or that,what are you waiting for?”, as if the comparison would automatically motivate them to go out and do something. What we don’t know is that,by comparing people to their peers and criticising them,you aren’t motivating them,no,rather you are causing them to think less of themselves as their self esteem erodes. People have different ideas of perfection,different ways to achieve their aim and different paces which they want to go at;whether slow,fast or medium,it is their choice.

So stop comparing people’s achievements,stop criticising people just because they haven’t accomplished much or because their ideals differ from yours. In this life,perfection,like beauty,is relative,it lies in the eye of the beholder,and as there are so many beholders alive,there will be so many ideals of perfection. Stick to your own ideal and don’t let the criticism get to you,go for what you want and at the pace which best suits you. Everyone is perfect yet no one is,remember that


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