The Pains of A Toxic Love Affair💔.

Ever been in a toxic relationship? Not just a good love story with a bad ending,I mean a real twisted love story laced with abuse,betrayal and manipulation,where you feel yourself slipping away with each passing day and where you feel your heart breaking from the inside. A relationship that is so full of emotional rollercoasters that you don’t know whether you should leave or not,you know you need to go but you just can’t go because you love that person so damn much.

Have you ever been in a relationship where you give your all to a person who doesn’t even care? A person who makes you feel like you’re nothing but a toy they can easily replace,who makes you doubt yourself,who constantly makes you sad and confused just because they can. A partner who treats you badly until the moment you feel you’ve had enough then they treat you right only to go back to being that cold person when they see that they still have you,who has you hooked to them like a junkie on crack,in a vicious cycle of abuse.

Have you ever been in a relationship where you cried yourself to sleep every night but still stayed on because you loved that person and hoped that one day,they’d love you back with the same passion as you do them? Unfortunately that day never comes,and things just keep getting worse ;the more you give them,the more they withdraw their affections and the less they appreciate yours. You feel like you’re walking on eggshells around them and you can’t relax because you don’t know what to expect with them. You find yourself always saying sorry,even when it was your heart that was smashed against the wall,you say sorry because they’ve so messed with your mind that you believe you’re the one always at fault. A relationship where you’re made to feel like you’re the crazy one who’s always insecure whenever you try to talk about your feelings,they know what they’re doing to you and they try making you doubt yourself so you don’t ever realize what they’re doing to you and walk out that door. They don’t want you around because they love you,no;they want you around because they just love playing with your emotions.

Ever lost yourself to love someone? Well I have,and believe me its no walk in the park💔. The lows and highs,the moments of self-doubt ;where you begin to believe the lies they tell you about you being crazy or over thinking things,where you’re accused of being too emotional or insecure and then you try working on yourself cause you love them so much and want to keep them around,even though you know deep down that you’re not the crazy one. I’ve gone through all that and I must say that the damage is indeed a great one,but then like all bad situations in life,we have to get the strength to walk away,because we’ve had enough of the manipulation and are tired of walking on eggshells. I know how hard it can be,some days you just want to know why,why they treated you the way they did,what you did to deserve it and what you could have done to change it so you can have that perfect love story you dreamt of. At this point,I want you to remember that the problem was not with you but with them,they were poison to you,if you had stayed on just a bit longer,you’d have only lost a bit more of yourself than you already have. I know the journey is hard and that some days you’re going to wonder why,but baby if you’re able to make a out of that terrible situation,then you won.

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