The Thing About Feminism(What You Need To Know).

If there’s any concept or movement that is so misunderstood and even antagonized sometimes,it’s feminism. I mean there are so many negatives that come to light when the word “feminism” is mentioned;the most popular of them all being that feminists are just low key misandrists, and although this isn’t true,there are still women who use feminism as a cover to promote their misandry; which pretty much throws some bad light on feminism and causes people to discredit it as angry women being whiney and complaining about something that isn’t there(when there actually is). I mean in a world where sexism and misogyny are pretty much institutionalised,I can assure you that we still need feminism because I don’t get why women should be looked down on or discriminated against on the sole count of gender (like why??)

Just so you know though🙂

A lot of people would say that we don’t need feminism and all and that feminism is just a thorn in society but I think its still very needed,as long as women are still working twice as hard as men for half the pay,as long as women are seen as the weaker gender,as long as young girls are basically trained to aspire to marriage like its the greatest thing a woman can achieve,as long as women are not allowed to express their sexuality as freely as their male counterparts without receiving serious backlash;as long as society keeps teaching women that their place in society is beneath the man,then feminism is still very needed. Maybe you are among the girls who believe sexism no longer exists because your rights are protected and you’ve never been oppressed but what of the countless other women who are,the ones who really need feminism? What about them,do we just forget about them? I think not,so you see we still need feminism.

However,in as much as I am a supporter of the cause; there is one form of feminism I am totally against and that is the 3rd wave feminism aka radical feminism which is where we have all the man haters(like the woman who wrote the book How to Destroy A Man Now). These are the women who have turned feminism into a gender war and who are causing feminism to be discredited and to be viewed as a petty little gender war. I mean we are fighting misogyny not men and what we’re fighting for is gender equality not women being superior to men and it annoys me when I see women who simply use feminism as an excuse to troll on men and hate on them all day long(like seriously sis,that’s not the cause we’re fighting,don’t stray away😑).

A little reminder though…for those who need it.

While there are many aspects of feminism and so many things attached to it, I believe we should still keep in mind the basic idea of the cause,which is to fight for the social,political and economic equality of the sexes because women are people too and as such,deserve equal rights,I mean it’s more than just writing it down in a law book,we need to be able to exercise them in our everyday lives as well. So yeah,I need feminism because I want to be able to express myself without being seen as loud and opinionated and I’m sure there are so many people,men and women alike,who need feminism for their own particular reason. What’s your reason for supporting the cause? Let me know in the comments section💜.

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Yours’ truly, Arreta🌺


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