The Insecure Eve….

“So what are your biggest insecurities?”

Yeah I’m pretty sure that most of us if not all of us have one or two things about ourselves that cause our confidence levels to waver from time to time and which tend to make us unsure of ourselves at certain points in time. As humans, insecurities are pretty much unavoidable if not normal because we all have those things that make us feel nervous,anxious or uneasy(for me it used to be my appearance),but then that’s life and the good thing about it is that we can actually get over them at some point with a little effort( I had to stand in front of the mirror and compliment myself for a while before I got over it😅).

Apart from the regular everyday insecurities,there is also a deeper level to it. In itself,insecurity is simply a feeling of unease or nervousness that may be triggered by the perception of oneself as vulnerable or inferior in some way,causing an instability which threatens one’s self image or ego. It is a lack of confidence in oneself and his/her abilities,which causes them to feel small and inferior in comparison to their peers.

Insecurities differ from person to person as each person is a unique individual and as such have different aspects of their lives which act as sore spots that can trigger feelings of insecurity in them; the most common aspects being physical appearance,relationship life, intellectual ability,sexuality,career, life achievements(or lack of) and the perceived inability to meet expectations,these feelings can be triggered by factors such as past traumas,recent experiences of rejection, loneliness, fear, social anxiety or perfectionism and to deal with them,one has to identify which factor brings out these feelings and tackle it from there.

It’s important to note however,that although we all have insecurities (courtesy of human nature);not all of us are insecure;the difference being that while others acknowledge their insecurities and face them squarely, insecure people try to run away from them while at the same time allowing the insecurities to get to them;which is quite unhealthy for anyone. You see the thing about insecurity is that we are the ones who determine how they affect us;by allowing the insecurities the power to define us,we give them the ability to affect us and vice versa. So you see,in the end it actually boils down to just us.

So how do we deal with feelings of insecurity? Well the first and most important step is acknowledging that you have those feelings of insecurity(I mean you can’t solve a problem if you don’t admit to yourself that it is one🤷🏽), then you try to identify the root cause of it as well as the triggers that set it off and from there you begin to find ways to balance everything,by focusing on the positives and shutting out the negatives (for example when I was insecure about my appearance,I used to look into the mirror every morning and compliment myself,to chase away the negative vibes). Then there comes the building of confidence(a very essential step by the way) and it can be kicked off by learning to love yourself and embrace your uniqueness;while working towards being a better version of yourself. A most important thing to note is that in this life,your competition is the past version of yourself,not other people,so you shouldn’t be comparing yourself to them. You are you,and you grow at your own pace,no pressure ✌🏽.

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Yours’ truly,Arreta🌺


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