The Good, The Bad and The Toxic…..Why You Need To Let Go.

We’ve all had that one time in our lives when we were unfortunate enough to be in a toxic situation;be it a platonic friendship or a romantic relationship. Well whichever it was, I’m pretty sure it had (or has) that trademark feature of a toxic relationship (i.e making you feel miserable) and that you’re currently fighting to make things better while also draining yourself both mentally and emotionally. You see the thing about toxic relationships is that the longer you stay on trying to fix the situation;the more it affects you and brings you down,and you can’t change the situation unless they are willing to accept that there is actually something to be changed,however this is quite rare as most are usually unaware or just don’t care about how things are between you two;some might even be okay with it and call you out for overthinking(not good).

Another thing to know about toxic relationships is that of course there will be good times in between the bouts of abuse;moments so full of love that you’re led to think that things are about to change for the better only for that dream to be yanked away from you and you’re back to the regular toxic routine,except that now you’re stuck on a fantasy,one where you believe things will get better if you stay on just a bit longer and put in a bit more effort,that things are going to change for the better even though deep down, you know that it won’t,but you’re hopelessly hooked to them and don’t want to let go,wrecking your own self in the process.

You see,when it comes to unhealthy relationships, the best thing you can do for yourself is to leave (as soon as possible) because the longer you stay on,the more profound the effects. I know it’s easier said than done(believe me I’ve been there so I know how hard it is),but then in this case it’s the hardest things that are usually the best for us. If you want real reasons why you need to cut off from those toxic forces in your life,then I’d be more than glad to give a few of them which will be listed below;

1.) You’re putting your mental health at risk by sticking around; Toxic relationships have this way of messing with our mind and emotions,leaving us drained and emotionally exhausted. They also increase the risk of us being affected by mental disorders like depression, anxiety and the like. All in all,they mess up our mental health and leave us wrecked.

2.) They will never change unless they want to,so if you stay on; you’d only be hurting yourself; Most toxic people don’t feel the need to change because they don’t really see anything wrong with the current situation of things,which only leaves you hurting yourself while trying to change things that won’t budge

3.) By leaving the relationship,you are reducing the influence they have over you; When you leave a toxic relationship;you’re reducing the amount of influence they have over you,thus cutting off avenues they can use to control you and inflict their abuse,which is very necessary when you’re trying to heal from the pain.

4.) You’ll regain your sense of self which was almost lost to you; The longer you stay in a toxic relationship,the more you feel yourself slipping away until one day you are unable to recognize who you are. Walking away from a toxic relationship helps you to regain your lost sense of self and heal from the past trauma.

5.) You need to detox yourself and remove all the negativity in your life; Walking away from an unhealthy relationship is the first essential step to getting rid of all the negativity in your life. A toxic relationship is full of emotional and psychological abuse and it’s very necessary for you to walk away in order to detox yourself and remove all the bad vibes.

6.) You’ll be able to rebuild your self esteem which was slowly eroding while you were in there; When you’re in a toxic relationship,you’re constantly made to feel worthless by your partner which over time,causes a drop in your self esteem,which is why you need to walk away in order to catch a breath and rebuild your broken self esteem.

7.) Most importantly,by losing them you will be able to love yourself; By walking away from the toxic situation,you will be able to take better care of yourself and heal from the trauma. Also,you will also be able to love yourself better than they ever did which is very essential in your detox process.

Now I know that even though there are so many strong reasons why you should leave that unhealthy situation; it’s very difficult to do so because you might be so emotionally attached to them which makes it oh so tough for you to walk away from the situation, (trust me when I was still with my ex, I knew things were off and that I had to go but then my heart was wayyyyy too in it for me to just leave,so I constantly made excuses and endured more heartbreak until I’d decided that I’d had enough). But then you can’t start because the longer you stay,the more you feel yourself fading away while nursing a heavy feeling in your chest( when I was with my ex,my heart was constantly broken and I always felt it as a heaviness in my chest),which is not good for anyone at all. So yeah,no matter how many times they promise to change,how many sweet memories there are or how deep in it you are,for your own good you have to walk away,it’s tough yeah,but it’s the best thing you can do for yourself……

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Yours’ truly, Arreta

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