How To Restyle Your Outfits And Keep Your Wardrobe Popping!!

So I’ve been delaying writing this post for a really long while(like for a month now ) because I didn’t know how to add fashion to the list of topics I’m going to be talking about on this blog but then I decided to do so anyway because as ladies;our fashion sense is a really important part of our lives (as well as a great influence on our confidence levels like it or not) and I can’t talk about loving yourself better and improving your self confidence without mentioning the little things you can work on.

First of all, I’m going to just put this out there; being fashionable is more than just buying expensive clothes,following current trends and changing your wardrobe the moment you feel it’s too old. Now doing these things are okay(a bit extravagant but still fine) but then you also have to make sure that whatever piece you acquire fits you really well and that you know how to accessorize & make it work for you,because if you’re not able to make those pretty outfits work for you,then sorry to break it to you but you’re not really fashionable(more like a fashion victim) and that there’s still work to do.

Now one thing about being fashionable is the ability to convert your current outfits to newer ones and keep your wardrobe looking timeless and ever stylish; because not only does it save you a good deal of money but it also keeps you looking stylish whenever you step out. So, if you’re wondering how you can restyle your current outfits so that they still look chic and elegant without having to break the bank in order to upgrade your wardrobe or just so you’ll be able to create stylish new outfits from what you currently have, then read on cause this one’s for you;

How To Restyle Your Outfits…Tips To Do It Right

1.) Stock your wardrobe with timeless pieces: Timeless pieces are those cute little pieces that never really go out of style and are always going to be around (unless a replacement pops up,but unless that,they’re here to stay) mostly because you can rock them in different styles and still make it work. So stock up on the timeless pieces (like jeans, T-shirts,basic tops,little black dresses and skirts,etc) so it will be way easier for you to restyle.

2.) Plan your outfits: Yes,this is actually very necessary;and for more reasons than one. Planning your outfits in advance not only helps you with knowing what to wear but also how to wear it(I plan my outfits at least a day before ),so in case you want to try something new;you have an idea of what you want. So plan what you’re going to wear and how you’re going to wear it,not only does it save you a good deal of time but it also helps you maintain a chic,thought out look.

3.) Get Creative: You know how everyone has this little bit of creativity in them that shows up from time to time; yeah, letting it out when dressing up isn’t really a bad idea. Showing your creative side in your fashion sense not only adds a unique edge to your outfits but it also gives your style this certain flair that people definitely won’t forget.

4.) Dress according to your mood: And if you don’t have enough creative ideas to style those outfits,you can always use your mood at the moment to give you something. Let’s say if you’re feeling sexy and daring,you could go ahead to create a look that reflects that or if you’re feeling classy and confident,you can also look for a way to fashion an outfit that reflects that from your closet( I do this a lot lol and it always works like a charm). A very good way to stylishly express yourself,and trust me if you do it well,people will definitely have a few nice things to say about your style.

5.) Accessorize(and accessorize well): Yes yes I’m pretty sure a lot of us have heard this so much(I for one have heard it a lot of times,from my mom and from them top fashionistas ). Well there’s a reason why they say it a lot and that’s because accessories actually play a great role in our outfits,like adding a certain finish to a look or grabbing enough attention with statement pieces. Another thing to know about accessories is that they can actually influence a certain look(change it even). Let’s use necklaces for instance,where a simple pearl necklace shows class and elegance,a chunky necklace practically screams “Notice me!“. So yeah,your accessories matter,a lot.

6.) Switch It Up: Now this particular one is my second fave on this list. There’s no harm in changing things up from time to time and wearing them in a different way from how you regularly wear them. You can try wearing that top with a skirt instead of your good old jeans or try wearing that cute little gown with a bold ass belt instead of your regular slim one. Whatever you can,just change it up a little,you’ll always have something cute to wear if you do(note: make sure what you’re mixing up actually goes,otherwise that’s a disaster,and we don’t want that).

7.) Do your hair: Yes,your hair is an important part of your outfit that can actually influence your look. For example,a bun gives you this simple yet sophisticated look while a half up half down with two little buns on top gives off this cute and ready to party look. So yeah,take your time and style your hair right, it can actually make or mar your outfit( which is why I style my hair a lot, even during this lockdown ).

8.) Just have fun: Practically the most important thing on the list right now. Dressing up is meant to be seen as a fun thing,not a chore and definitely not a dreary punishment. You’re meant to have fun dressing up, not see it as a competition and definitely not as a do or die affair so just enjoy it and go with the flow. Just remember that you’re dressing up and looking good for yourself and you’re good to go.

So yeah,that’s it from me today,my very first fashion related post which was both fun and new for me and I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section and if you did enjoy reading this so much,then please help me and share to your friends so that they can enjoy it too. If you want to be updated on the next posts, then kindly click on the follow button and follow the blog,I’d really love that. Also, I was meant to post this tomorrow but decided to do it today instead because I really need to take a break and avoid burning out. Don’t worry, it won’t be too long. So yeah,that’s it from me for now, see you all later.

Yours’ truly, Arreta


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