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Top 5 Valuable Lessons I Learned From Dragonball Super.

Today, I decided to write on something I recently fell in love with….ANIME!! More especially,the anime series Dragonball that I started watching this lockdown courtesy of my brother (it was love at first sight😂😍). For those who haven’t watched the series or even heard of it, the Dragonball series is basically the life story of the main character Goku(also known as Son Goku or Kakarot), as the series follows him from the moment he was sent to Earth by his parents moments before his planet was destroyed to how he grew up under the care of his foster father, Grandpa Gohan,to how he began training to achieve his desire of being one of the strongest fighters known to now that he has pretty much achieved his goal of becoming one of the strongest characters in the multiverse, a happy husband and father of two sons as well as a member of a big happy,kick ass family. He’s also one of the strongest and most popular characters in the anime world(like one of the big 3).

Son Goku🔥🔥

Now why am I writing about anime?? Why not a book or a movie or something else? Well the thing is I did no real reading this lockdown(unless wattpad novels,occasional opening of textbooks and reading blog posts count😂😅), but it’s more than just that. I’m writing about it because I actually learned a lot from the series believe it or not,and I enjoyed every single episode of it(even the ones that made me lose my voice because of cheering on a fight 😂). So I decided to share the valuable lessons I learnt from this super anime series,who knows, I could convince you to watch it as well 😂 😂. Now without,further ado;here are a couple of valuable lessons I learned from the Dragonball series…..

5 Valuable Lessons I Learned From Dragonball Super.

1.) Greatness Doesn’t Come In A Day: The story basically follows the life of Goku,the protagonist;showing how from a young age he begun training to be one of the strongest warriors ever and highlighting all the challenges he faced on his way to achieving them. He never lost determination along the way and went through every possible thing that would help him get to where he wants to be without rushing any particular step in the process(even though it took a hell lotta time). So there are actually two lessons here,determination is key and greatness doesn’t come in a day.

The journey to greatness.

2.) Always take out time to enjoy your life: Yes,now even though Goku went through all sorts of training,he still took out the time to relax and enjoy life,which pretty much allows him to retain his strength as well as grow stronger. This is in contrast to his rival/buddy/training partner, Vegeta who is pretty much always training to be the strongest(or at least stronger than Goku😅). Now I’m not saying that hard work doesn’t pay but sometimes you have to be able to know when to take a break and just enjoy life with your loved ones while you can. I was about to add YOLO but nah,Goku and a couple of the others have been raised from the dead before thanks to the Dragon balls😂 😂.

The big 3 of the anime world. The ones in the middle are the Dragonball characters, Goku(below) and Vegeta(above).

3.)Family is important: Yes,family is very important and we see that in this series. I mean both Goku and Vegeta train a lot,fight bad guys on a normal,protect their universe from evil forces, and have been dead a number of times. Yet we are able to see throughout the series that both men love their families so very much and try their best and spend as much time as possible with their families. We also see that both men do not joke with their families,no matter what. To sum it up,it teaches us that family matters…a great deal.

The Son family;Goku and Chi chi with their sons Gohan(older) and Goten(younger).

4.) Love isn’t all about the romantic: Vegeta’s relationship with his wife Bulma isn’t as mushy or loved up as most but then it obvious that they love each other,albeit in the form of tough love. I mean, with a combination of a super proud alien prince and a strong headed heiress; it’s quite expected for the two to butt heads with each often(and they do,little arguments here and there) but then even with all the little tiffs here and there,they both have each other’s back and are still as in love as any other couple(even though he doesn’t know show it much). Plus there’s also the fact that Bulma is not only accepting of her husband’s alien nature or his Saiyan pride(largest dose of it I’ve ever seen),but she also helps where she can even though being human has its limitations. So to sum it up, Vegeta and Bulma teach us that love is about accepting and appreciation your partner as they are.

Vegeta and his wife, Bulma.

5.) Love doesn’t care about appearances: This is shown through the characters Krillin(Goku’s long time best friend) and his wife(an ex android) 18. Compared to his wife, Krillin is not as strong or as handsome as his wife but that doesn’t do anything to reduce the love they have for each other as well as the way 18 respects and adores her husband even though she is much stronger than him. Most noted scene was during the tournament of power when she proved to fighter Ribriane of the Second Universe that there’s more to love that just physical appearance

Krillin and 18 ❤

So there you have it, 5 valuable lessons I learned from watching Dragonball Super,which was just as fun to watch as it was educating. There are so many other lessons I learned from the series but I don’t know how to put them down at the moment,but believe me I will add them later on. I’d love to see what you thought of this little post in the comments section and do help me share it if you loved reading it,I’d really appreciate. Well that’s it for me today,see you next time lovies…

Yours truly, Arreta🌺.

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