My Blogging Journey So Far… Lessons I’ve Learnt From 3 Months of Blogging.

So I’ve never really written a post like this because I wasn’t sure if I had much to say due to the fact that I only just started blogging in May,and as it is I’m still trying to figure myself out and master some of the basics I need to know but then I feel like I’ve done quite okay for someone who’s only been around for a few months and I’d really love to share my experiences so far with you guys because it’s something I’m so proud of.

To be 💯 honest with you, I never thought that I’d actually start blogging even though I loved writing a lot and had a lot of things to share,but here we are now;four months into it. When I started this blog back in May, it was because I was looking for a creative outlet, a way to pass the extra time given by the corona virus lockdown and because I wanted to just share my experiences as a girl and find people who could relate to them(although now I want it to be more than that). Now however, I have to tell you that I have fallen in love with blogging(stress and all😩) and that my biggest dream concerning this blog is that she(yes I’m calling my blog a she) would grow to be one of the most successful blogs out there, with a dedicated readership who are genuinely interested in my content as well as a stable enough income source(but that will be a later dream).

So today, I decided to share the various lessons I’ve learned from starting this blog(because to be honest I have learned quite a lot and I’d love to share them). Now the lessons I’m going to share here are in no way expert tips and tricks because I am definitely not an expert, just a girl who loves sharing her experiences,hoping that people would be able to pick the lessons in them,which is what I intend to do with this post. Hopefully when I’m much better than I am now,I’d be able to share some expert tips but that’s for the future(I’ll also share a story of how this blog came to be but that will be later). Now without wasting anymore time(I honestly feel like I’m talking a bit too much right now😅😅),here’s a list of valuable lessons I’ve learnt from starting this blog….

The Lessons I Learned From Three Months Of Blogging….

1.) It will have bad times as well as good: Just like every other thing you try out,be it a business venture, a hobby or a mixture of the two(like mine😅),it’s best to keep in mind that not everything will be as rosy as you would want it to be(trust me on this one, I’ve spent the past three weeks going through a major mood swing because of this so I should know). But then that doesn’t mean you should give up on them,I’d prefer to look at it as a blessings and lessons kinda thing where the bad times teach me valuable lessons for the ride ahead while the good times bless me for heeding to the lesson(or for doing it well from the start)

2.) You grow at your own pace: I know how terrible it feels to watch your blog grow slowly,especially when you see or hear of other people who are doing way better than you, and I know how tempting it is to start worrying about the things you’re doing wrong,which leads to you comparing yourself to others,brings down your morale and causes you to question yourself from time to time. In this case the best thing you can do is just look back and see how far you’ve come from where you started. Not everyone will grow at the same pace so don’t let it get to you.

3.) Always make room for growth: Growth is a major part of life,one we should always make room for in all aspects of our lives. We should always try to learn new things on the way,because who knows how they might help us in future? I, for one never imagined that I would ever learn graphic design in any way because I never thought I would need it(I would have mentioned that I never thought I’d end up starting a blog but then that’s a lie,because I would’ve done this sooner or later😅),yet here I am playing with Canva and making my amateur design skills work. I also started branching out a bit,trying to cover more topics on this blog and so far it’s been fun(albeit stressing to the brain). All in all, when I look back to the girl who just wanted to start a blog and share her thoughts in May, I see just how far I’ve come and how much I’ve grown along the way and to be honest I’m glad for it all.

4.) But don’t allow it to compromise your original idea: Ahh yes,I’m afraid I’ll have to expose myself here but before I do that,I’ll have to put this out there for you guys (hopefully you’ll learn from my little tale😅), “Growth and change are good…until they begin to conflict with your original idea”. Why am I saying this? Well I was a victim of this, right now I’m trying to retrace my steps as it is,and find my way back to my original idea and reason for starting in the first place. For a while now, I’ve been going all over Pinterest as well as asking questions in Facebook groups looking for ways to improve my blog and hopefully monetize it successfully in future(this tale gets sillier😅),and most of the advice I was getting was telling me to narrow down because apparently my niche was too “broad” and if I was to succeed I had to cut a great bit,which I couldn’t because then I’d be going against my reason for starting this in the first place. I almost thought of it though,wanted to restart and turn this to a fashion blog(because I love clothes 😂) but then I just couldn’t because that’s not what I wanted. So I decided not to follow all the advice,because to do so would mean giving up my main idea just to make a buck(no thank you). So please,no matter what,don’t allow anything to make you compromise your original idea,it’s not worth it (unless you feel so,but even then do think hard).

5.) You are not for everyone: And neither is your blog nor the content it delivers. Not everyone will get the message you’re trying to deliver nor will they all like your ideas,hell some people will even see it as nonsense. But that shouldn’t deter you,because you’re not for everyone and there are people out there who would love your content so much and would understand every message you’re trying to pass on. Those are the people you should focus on,the people who love your ideas and who see the value in what you offer(now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t try to get some new converts from time to time but that shouldn’t stop you from talking to the people who relate to you).

6.) Be valuable to the people who love you: You have to make sure that you’re always providing value of the people who take out the time to stop by and read your latest posts so that they would have a reason to not only come back for more but also to tell their friends about you. When I mean be valuable, I mean give a solution to a problem your readers are facing,trust me,they would really appreciate it. Even better if you give them relatable experiences and inject a bit of your unique persona into it, your readers will love it(just know how to do it right😉).

7.) Just be you and do you: Yes I said it, the best thing I learnt from blogging is that even though there are so many people around with ideas similar to mine,I can still stand out just by being myself and doing it my way because even though there are others out there discussing similar topics,not many will do it the way I do it and to be honest,it’s the uniqueness that sets you apart from others and draws people to what you’re doing,as well as wins you loyal readers and customers.

Bonus lesson: Try to get to know the people who read your blog,this will help you to craft more content that resonates with them. Speaking of which, I just created this survey with the aim of getting to know my readers better,just click on the link below to take it.

Click here to participate in the survey I’ve created just for you. I want to get to know my readers better😊

So yeah,that’s basically it for me today,some of the most important lessons I’ve learned along the way,and one post I’ve really wanted to write for a really long time because I wanted to share something personal with you guys ❤. Let me know what you think about this post in the comments section and if you loved this post,do help me share it to other people who might love it as well. If you’d want to be kept informed of the next post update,then do subscribe to the blog. Anyway,that’s it for me today,until next time guys❤

Yours’ truly, Arreta🌺


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