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Introducing….The Eve’s Life Series!!!

Hey guys,welcome to my new blog. If you’ve been following me before you would know that I’ve been planning on starting a series on this blog. Well, here’s the long awaited series…“The Eve’s Life Series”, a series I’ve long since wanted to start for a while now and for good reason, considering that post series do quite well these days.

In my last post, I had made mention of the fact that I am now running my very own self hosted blog and how excited I am to have finally made the switch. However,that’s not in any way my main concern for this post because right now,the only thing I want to do is kick off this series(trust me when I say it’ll be good😉). Now as for my reason for putting off the series until now, well I was afraid that if I started it now,then it would be difficult importing my blog content into the new site due to large file size so I had to pause it. Not anymore though,because The Eve’s Life Series is ready for takeoff.

The Eve’s Life Series… What It’s All About.

Well for starters, The Eve’s Life Series is a post series that will pop up on the blog every once in a while. It’s divided into different sub series;each one based on a major topic discussed in this blog(topics such as relationships,fashion,girl power,self care, society life and so on). The aim of the series is for me to be able to keep the variety flowing in the blog and to cater well enough to the different facets of female life(don’t worry I’ll make sure to consider my male readers as well😉).

The series is my way of arranging content for each of the various topics which I will be discussing on this blog as well as an avenue for me to try something new as I’ve never really thought of starting a series(hopefully it will be fun for both of us😅).

Who Is The Series For?

Considering how this blog is a lifestyle blog for females,it would be so much easier to say that the series is for females only. Judging from the title as well, one would easily say that it’s only for females (after all, the name “Eve” is quite often used to represent females).

However, I feel it necessary to point out that although the series is girl-oriented; it is for all my readers both female and male alike. Yes, it’s going to be super girly due to my gender as well as that of the people I’m writing for but then,there will be topics discussed here that will be beneficial to both genders. So yeah, “The Eve’s Life Series” is for all my readers to enjoy,so make sure you enjoy it when it kicks in fully,and if there’s any topic you would want me to discuss here,just let me know.

When Does It Fully Kick Off?

Well, the series will officially kick off this week(date to be revealed in the comments once I’m able to fully wean myself off of Wattpad and prepare for it. Don’t worry it won’t take too long as I’d already had most of the topics prepared before (I’d wanted to start this way earlier than now).

So yeah,that’s it for me for now(until the series starts) and I’m at least 89.9% positive that you guys are going to love the series as much I will when it kick off. But for now,we are going to just relax and wait(lol while we’re at it you can try listening to Kehlani’s album, “While We Wait”, the album is really nice and the title of it just happened to fit this really nicely 😂).

Now where was I🤔? Ohh yeah, I was just about to say bye and leave you guys till the first part of the series. So I’m just going to do that now,see you guys, until next time….

Yours truly, Arreta🌺


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