Welcome To The New Being Eve!!

Hey everyone,I’m Benita and you’re welcome to my blog(my own cute little corner of the internet). I’m calling this “The New Being Eve” because I had only just bought my web hosting this week,as well as set up this new site and move the old one to it. If you’ve followed me when I just started out,then you’d be quite familiar with my old blog,which I’d started on a free plan to test the waters.

When I started this blog on, I started with the aim of just writing because I loved it as well as to share useful content with girls like me who would need something similar to what I had to offer(and later on I’d planned to monetize it). Along the way, I’d read about going self hosted on Pinterest as well as the many benefits associated with it,including having my own custom domain,access to plugins and the fact that it’s easier to monetize.

After a while of reading about it,I’d wanted to make the switch as soon as possible,but then I was advised by my sister to wait a bit and use the free site to learn how to run a blog as well to get people to know about me before I throw in some money to the mix. So far, it’s been a nice experience with the free blog even though it does have its own limits(especially if you plan to view the blog as a business).

So after some time of working with the free plan and its limits, I’d decided to make the move and invest in getting my own web hosting which is something I’m so excited about(call it an initial excitement phase). Well after buying the hosting,installing wordpress in my hosting cPanel and customizing my new site, I had move my blog over from the old site to this new one and I had the help of this simple and totally helpful guide by the Queensights on self hosting your blog to help me do just that.

To be honest with you guys, I did make a few silly mistakes along the way,one of which was trying to upload and import a .zip file to my new site,instead of unzipping it and uploading the .xml file inside it. Yes it was a dumb mistake and to be honest it didn’t even come to my mind until my older sister brought it to my attention(with a good load of teasing). Well, so far that was the only tech difficulty I faced while moving my blog to the new site.

The New Being Eve…Why I Went Self Hosted.

I decided to go self hosted because it gives me full control over my site,and because I wanted all the cool features associated with it such as; my own custom domain, plugins, monetization, and a couple of others. I’d also wanted to look professional and according to many, the best way to start was by actually investing in my blog.

So I decided to do just that, and so far so good I haven’t met any real hitch along the way (hopefully I don’t meet any but well,we can’t exactly tell). Right now I’m just so excited that I have my own self hosted site and I’m even more excited to welcome you all to it. At least now I can start up the new series that I’ve been planning for since the beginning of this month.

Sorry if I didn’t really describe the whole process of migrating my blog,hopefully I will do it soon(when I’m actually sure enough to describe what I did😅😅). For now I can only say “Welcome To The New Being Eve” and do my best to give you all more awesome content😘. Well, till next time loves.

Yours, truly, Arreta🌺


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