Girl Power

The Eve’s Life Series: The Power Of Eve(Part 1).

Heyyy guys, welcome once again to my blog . Well, I’ve been thinking for a while about what topic I want to kick off with and after some real heavy thinking; I decided to start off with girl power. Which is why I bring to you; “The Power Of Eve” series which is going to be celebrating girl power and walk us through the concert,letting us know what it’s all about so that we can appreciate it better.

In my last post, I had mentioned that I will be kicking off this series within the week,and well here’s the first sub-series of it. “The Power Of Eve” series is a sub- series that is going to be talking about girl power and what it’s all about, strong female icons who embody the concept of girl power, the things that make a strong woman, the misconceptions surrounding strong women and girl power and most of all,it will be inspiring young girls like us to be strong and to be a good influence on our society.

After all,girl power is about letting girls know that they are strong as they are and that they don’t have to be all mean and badass to be strong,it’s about letting girls know that they can take charge of their lives and that true strength is in the ability to embrace your weakness and find the strength in them and even more;it is the ability to appreciate yourself as you are and understanding that your being a female is one of your biggest strengths even if a lot of people see it as a weakness(all you have to do is just tap into that and you’ll be fine).

So yeah, we’re officially kicking off the “Eve’s Life Series” with the “Power of Eve” sub series and trust me on this when I say that this will be awesome and that you guys will enjoy reading it up as much as I will love crafting every post in this one and the others to come. I love you all so much and I’m so glad to be writing for you. Well that’s all for now,see you all later…

Yours’ truly, Arreta🌺


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