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10 Things That Make A Strong Woman(The Power of Eve Series).

Hey everyone,it’s your girl Benita welcoming you once again to my blog and kicking off this series in full swing(yes yes, I’ve finally gotten around my wattpad craves ). As I said in my last post, I decided to kick off the series with the topic of girl power,hence, “The Power of Eve” series of which this post is the first,and to properly launch the sun series,I’ve decided to discuss the things that make a strong woman strong (after all girl power is pretty much about celebrating female strength).

Now,what makes a strong woman? I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people out there right now what are wondering about this? And I’m also sure that there are so many answers for this particular question,different people sharing different opinions on the things that make a strong woman strong. A lot of us females would want to fit into the profile of a strong woman,and why not? Strong women make the best role models for us modern girls as they show us how to embrace our female strength as it is.

Now before I go on to talk about the things that make a strong woman strong, I’ll have to start by giving a clear enough definition of who a strong woman is. Of course there are so many opinions surrounding this so I’ll just share mine and add to the list(just as I’ll be doing with the rest of the post). To me, a strong woman is a woman who is able to tap into her inner strength and who is able to still keep hope alive even when life is cruel(and trust me,life will be sooo cruel). A woman doesn’t really need to be all mean, hard and badass to be strong and if I’m going to be honest here,sometimes the meek and quiet women are even the strongest. This I learned after reading a particular book on Wattpad which goes by the name of “Drakkon”, where the main character proved to be a strong woman(not in our conventional sense but in a totally different way),even though she had been likened to an innocent little rabbit.

How did she do this? Well she did it by still having faith in the world even after she has been forced to see that the world was not a nice place but rather cruel. She did this by still being kind to others even after being shown that the world wasn’t as kind and as loving as she. And here’s the icing on the cake; Yin Daiyu(the novel was set in Asia,at the time of the Huo Empire) showed us her true strength when she was suddenly thrown into a world unlike her own and had not for once complained about her fate or mourned her situation;even when she was kidnapped and almost raped,even when she saw her husband kill without mercy,even as she was thrown into the dark world of empire politics. She instead chose to adapt to her current situation and make the best of it,and truly she did,for she found happiness with her darkly handsome emperor husband and with the people she’d met in the palace.

Moving on from Daiyu’s tale(if you’re interested in reading it on Wattpad,just search for the name “Drakkon” and you should find it), which remains a sweet favorite of mine, I believe we were talking about the traits of a strong woman. Everyone wants to be a strong woman right? I mean after all they make the best role models for us young girls of today as they make us aspire to be just like them or even better than them,plus there’s also the fact that they actually give us something to look up to.

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10 Things That Make A Strong Woman…..

1.) She does not allow her past to define her: She’s made mistakes in the past that she has regrets about but she doesn’t allow those past mistakes to define her present because she understands that mistakes are a normal part of life and that the past is already gone; so she focuses on making the present better and avoiding those mistakes.

2.) She views her mistakes as lessons to be learned rather than failures to be ashamed of: Her life principles is more of a “lessons and blessings” kind of scenario; where she sees her failures as lessons she needed while she sees her successes as a reward for a lesson well learned. With this attitude of hers;it’s quite hard to bring her down using her past mistakes as she has already accepted and moved on from them.

3.) She does not fear her emotions: Ahh yes,contrary to what many people believe,a strong woman(or person in general) does not fear their emotions or view them as a weakness but are rather quite in tune with them and know how to manage and express them very well. A strong woman knows that her emotions are a normal part of her and treats them as such because she is aware that being detached from them can backfire in the worst of ways.

4.) She is aware of the power in her sexuality: But she does not misuse this power. A strong woman is aware that there is indeed power in her femininity but she doesn’t abuse this power because she is aware that the abuse of that power comes with a price,one that she is not willing to pay. Besides,she knows that there is more to her feminine power than the curves of her figure and so she focused on that.

5.) She doesn’t limit herself to what society expects of her: She is aware of the invisible yet strong rule of society that says women are to be seen and not heard but she doesn’t necessarily abide by it. No,because she wants her voice to be heard as much as her face is seen,and she has too great a dream to bring herself down to the level of a quiet little doll(now I am not saying it’s bad to play by the rules,but you should know that it’s not always fun,if you catch my drift). So no,she refuses to limit herself in order to fit in with the stifling expectations of society for women because she doesn’t want to.

6.) She fights for what she believes in without fear: I think this point kinda speaks for itself though,because it’s a pretty relatable one,and we see it almost every day. A strong woman doesn’t cower in fear when fighting for what she believes in but rather stands as firm as a great oak tree,not shaking or swaying with the pressure. She allows no one to discourage her from fighting for her cause because it is what she believes in.

7.) But she doesn’t go looking for a fight: Like any sane individual, she doesn’t go about looking for wars where there are none because she’s a peach lover. She doesn’t go about looking for trouble and getting into fights just to show her strength,instead of that,she lies low and enjoys her peace until a fight becomes a dire necessity in order to maintain the peace she enjoys. She is not a trouble maker nor is she a cantankerous wench who’s always in for a fight .

8.) She does not oppress anyone,and doesn’t allow anyone to oppress her: She doesn’t like oppression of any form and makes sure to avoid it in any way she can. She doesn’t believe in oppressing people and making them feel lower than her so she tries to keep the peace and treat others nicely. The real trouble,however;occurs when people try to oppress her and kill her spirit,because then the fighter in her comes out and I believe we all know that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

9.) She doesn’t complain when she finds herself in a situation she’s not used to: But rather tries to adapt to a situation and get used to where she now finds herself. She is a resources person and as such tries her best to make herself comfortable with her current situation rather than complain about it all day and sulk at the sunset. She is a survivor and as sure does all she can to survive because that’s what survivors do. She doesn’t allow things to overwhelm her and instead tries her best to strike a balance that she can maintain.

10.) And to top it all;she stays true to HERSELF: She changes herself for no one,and doesn’t alter herself to please anyone because she knows that before pleasing others she must first please herself,and she is also aware of the consequences of doing it the other way. In addition to this,she doesn’t allow the evil in the world the satisfaction of breaking her spirit for she is aware that the world is a cruel place and so does what she can to preserve the goodness in her.

Girl Power Infographic.

So yeah,there you go, 10 things that make a strong woman😏. If you enjoyed this post and have something to share(maybe another trait),then do share it in the comments section so we can talk. Also,if you would love to receive updates about the blog,then do go ahead to tap the subscribe button and stay tuned for. Well that’s all for now,stay tuned for the rest of the “Power of Eve” series, I’m almost a 💯 sure you’re going to love it as well as the others which will follow it. Anyway,tata for now my loves…

Yours’ truly, Arreta


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