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10 Powerful Quotes From 10 Powerful Females…

So today I’m going to be sharing some powerful quotes from some of the most popular girl power icons we know and love. These quotes were all handpicked and specially selected because of the message that is contained in each and every one of them(trust me I spent like 45 minutes going through Pinterest to find the perfect quote set for you guys). After a long while of searching,I found these 10 perfectly inspirational quotes from 10 inspirational girl power icons that we know and love❤. So without further ado,let’s get to the quoting….

10 Powerful Quotes From 10 Girl Power Icons.

1.) Michelle Obama: Of course the former First Lady of the USA just had to feature in this list because even during and after her tenure as the nation’s First Lady(a position she filled well mind you), she has continued to raise her voice in support of causes such as feminism, LGBTQ rights and a host of others. She’s also remained as lovable as ever,and just as strong;and this particular quote of hers shows just how much of an icon she is.

2.) Rihanna: One of the most influential women out there,both in and out of the music business(which she’s taken a break from recently,in favour of her makeup and beauty line, FENTY Beauty). In this quote,Riri talks about how there is something special about a woman who is able to dominate in a man’s world and to be honest, she does have a point with that,one that speaks on it’s own.

3.) Beyoncé: Do I really need to write something or do I just let the name and the quote do the talking on their own. I feel like I should do the latter,because I’m most likely going to sound like a fan girl who’s just squealing on and on about her idol. Plus I’m actually more of a Navy fan than a Beyhiver (doesn’t mean I don’t love Bey tho) so I’m just going to let the Queen and her quote talk for themselves. The message in it is loud and clear enough for that so.

4.) Nicki Minaj: Hello Mrs. Petty(to be clear here,Petty is her husband’s surname). If you’re like me and listen to a lot of hip hop or R&B music(foreign especially,I don’t know why I find it hard to enjoy my country’s music),then you are bound to know this iconic female rapper(the Queen of Rap if I do say so myself). Well in this quote,Nicki addresses the multiple expectations society places on girls and how difficult it is to live up to all of them. And I agree,it’s really hard work.

5.) Emma Watson: She first showed herself on the popular “Harry Potter” as the beloved Hermione Granger; a female character who shows us that girls can be just as smart if not smarter than guys. Well, that’s not the only place where she’s shown us her feminist side. Emma is a popular champion of the cause who believes in girl power,and has given many inspirational quotes to show(such as this one).. Well,this quote kinda speaks for itself, I mean we’re tired of people trying to make girls believe that we’re fragile and all. We are strong in our own way and we can be fierce fighters if we want to be.

6.) Selena Gomez: If you know Selena Gomez,then you’re bound to know of her toxic on- and- off relationship with Justin Bieber that officially ended when Justin tied the knot with Hailey Baldwin,which broke Selena into pieces(I mean it’s heart breaking being together for so long only for something like that to happen to you). Well luckily for Selena,she got over it pretty well after checking in to rehab and now she’s bounced back better and stronger with a brand new album and a clothing line to match. Talk about strong .

7.) Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Iconic Nigerian novelist(she’s really made a name for herself with her well written books,both in and out of Nigeria) and a strong believer in the feminist cause. In this quote, she passes on a message that a lot of us really need to hear, which is, Don’t shrink yourself for a man,the right one won’t be intimidated by you or your level of success”. Yes oo,yessss if a guy feels intimidated by your goals,dreams, education,confidence and success level then he is NOT for you in ANY way!! A word is shaa enough for the wise,so see the word here.

8.) Zendaya: We loved her when she starred in the Disney shows, Shake It Up & K.C Undercover and even with her new series Euphoria where she plays the role of a junkie by the name of Rue. Zendaya has made a name for herself beyond Disney as a rising star and as a girl power champion. In this quote Zendaya lets us know that feminism is for everyone,and that it is the belief in the power of women just like the power of men. To break it down,she’s trying to say that feminism is not women vs men (if that’s your own type of feminism oya correct yourself now) but rather that female power should be acknowledged. Simple yet sufficient❤.

9.) Demi Lovato: In this quote, Demi tells us how our quirky imperfections make us beautiful and unique(in my own words,talking about how there is a measure of perfection in our imperfections). Some years ago, Demi was struggling with an eating disorder that she’d had to go to rehab and deal with and now she’s not only come back better,she’s also giving support and encouragement to people with similar problems,letting them know that it’ll be fine in the end and giving her own experiences for them to relate to. I love❤❤❤.

10.) Oprah Winfrey: Ahh yes,the one and only Oprah. Famous talk show host and super power woman, Oprah is one of those people who are so popular that you only need to know her first name (yes that’s actually a level of popular). Well I’m not going to lie, I’m not much of an Oprah fan but I just had to add this quote of hers that’s so strong it speaks for itself. Well,enjoy my loves, cause I don’t really have much to add,and luckily the quote speaks for itself.

And before I actually call it a close,here’s a bonus quote from Jennifer Lopez that lets women know that they should value themselves more because they are goddesses. I mean it’s hard to tap into that feeling of self worth because there are so many things that can mess with our feeling of self worth. However this quote tells us to always remember that we are valuable.

Well that’s it for me today, 10 powerful quotes from 10 powerful females who are killing it out there by just being true to themselves. Now,if you enjoyed this post and have any fave quotes from this list or one you would like to add,then do share it in the comments section below. If you would like to be updated on the latest on the block,then click on the subscribe button and stay tuned . Also,do help me share this post with your friends and help a girl grow, I’d really appreciate. Anyway, I’m done here for now,see you next time.

Yours’ truly, Arreta.

P. S this post is part of the sub series, “The Power of Eve”. To check out the last post click on the link added here.


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