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5 Most Influential Girl Power Icons You Should Know(Power of Eve Series).

So last time we talked about the things that make a strong woman(if you haven’t read it before click here),and I’d mentioned quite a few traits that most(if not all) strong women possess. Now, today I’m going to be talking about some of the most influential champions of girl power(after all I can’t be talking about girl power without making mention of some of the women out there who are seriously making waves with their super girl power).

Of course,just as other causes(both the noble and not so noble) have people who champion them,so also do we have women(and men alike) who spread the word when it comes to girl power and who make sure that it stays relevant. Now for the sake of this post,we’re going to be talking about some of the most popular girl power icons that are out there killing it and showing the world that women are strong too,that we’re more than fragile little dolls.

Of course I feel it necessary to let you guys know that the five ladies I’m going to mention here will represent different aspects of girl power that I feel are important. They’re not necessarily walking through the streets shouting girl power is key,but rather are using their lives to show us that there is something special about girl power so we all know. So I decided to write about them because they’re the most influential girl power icons to me,after all actions are way louder than words.

Here are 5 Most Influential Girl Power Icons That Are Out There.

1.) Demi Lovato: If you know this former Disney star,then you’ll also know that she had once struggled with an eating disorder which she recovered from in 20.. Ever since then,she’s been bouncing back up and giving support to people going through similar circumstances. Not to mention that she’s been using her own story to teach girls to love themselves and their bodies just the way they are.

2.) Zendaya: The former Disney star has continued to remain a popular sweetheart amongst the people even after leaving Disney. However,now she’s not only a sweetheart but also a girl power icon who’s all about letting girls know that they have power too,and that they should love their bodies as they are. This she does by showing off her beautifully lanky body which used to be one of her major insecurities because it wasn’t super curvy and all. But well,dancing took that away so.

3.) Michelle Obama: Former First Lady of The USA, LGBTQ rights activities and feminist icon. Michelle’s tenure as first lady is one that not a lot of people will forget because like her husband,they made a lot of positive impacts on the state and the people within. Anyway,even now that she’s no longer in the White House she’s still making an impact on people both in and out of the US,empowering girls and young women,fighting for equal rights of both genders and just doing what she can to help her country. If you want to see some praiseworthy achievements of the former First Lady of the US,then read it here.

4.) Beyonce: The Queen herself,Beyoncé is one woman that shows us that women can run the world if they want to and that a determined woman can (and will) go places if she plans for it and does the work. I mean she’s made such a huge name for herself both in and out of the music industry and is a role model to so many young girls who have big dreams of wanting to dominate in a world where women are dominated. From being a successful singer (and actress from time to time) to a savvy businesswoman to a happy wife and mother of three to a highly influential girl power icon and probably feminist,Beyoncé;just like her song, “Who Run The World?” shows us that truly women can run a world ruled by men.

5.) Meghan Markle: I believe a good number of us should be familiar with her;after all during the period before her wedding to Queen Elizabeth II’s younger grandson, Prince Harry of Wales(now known as Duke of Sussex),a lot of people both within and outside Britain were attacking her for her race(she’s part black),her age(older than her husband by 3 years), the face that she was an actress before and that she was a divorcee before she met Harry. Even now the Duchess of Sussex still faces some hateful comments from people who feel that the Prince has made a great mistake by marrying her(though I think that’s a lie). Anyway,I’m writing about Meghan because she had her own successful life and career before the royal life,was already fighting for gender equality before marrying into royalty(watch this video here to see what I mean). However,it’s necessary to note that although they are still Duke and Duchess of Sussex,Harry and Meghan stepped down from their position as senior royals and so aren’t really royals anymore. Still doesn’t really change a lot for me though, I love those two.

Well,that’s it for now,here’s a list of five influential girl power icons who are fighting for female empowerment and equal rights across the globe and in their own way. So which of these is your favorite and who’s not? Who would you have liked to be included in this list? Let me know in the comments below. And I feel it necessary to apologize for my inconsistency with this series,Watts took me back a bit and I was a bit unwell yesterday so I couldn’t do much. Anyway, I’ll try my best to improve on the consistency so that you guys can continue to enjoy visiting my little corner of the web. Oh lest I forget,please subscribe to the block and share this post if you loved it(help a girl group). If you have anything you want to let me know then you can send it to me on my email. Yeah,so I’m done here,see you guys need time,and once again I apologize for the inconsistency.

Yours’ truly, Arreta


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