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10 Strong Girl Power Anthems With A Rhythm…And A Message.

If there’s any particular sector in the world right now that spreads the message of girl power, it’s the entertainment sector and the music industry in particular. What with all the songs out there that are spreading the word about girl power and all the female singers out there who are showing us that girl power is real and it is wonderful,it’s no surprise that the music industry (although it still has its fair traces of sexism) is fast becoming a huge girl power stronghold.

Now,today I’m going to be squealing about all of my favourite girl power songs and why I love them. I might not have mentioned this before but I’m a huge ass music freak and I especially love songs that talk about girl power and inspire girls to be more confident in themselves(because songs like those remind me that I’m powerful even when I feel like I’m not). So for this particular list, I had to browse through my 1100-song long playlist as well as Google in order to pick out the perfect 10 songs that are strong girl power anthems that serve to inspire and encourage girls everywhere and to remind us that we females are strong in our way and that we have our own feminine power. Another thing worth noting about these songs is that they all have catchy enough rhythms that will get you on your feet and feeling the beat.

Lol I feel like I’ve hyped up enough so I’m just gonna get to it and give you guys the list already(two days of hardcore preselecting and all,hope it pays off). Now without further ado,here’s our list(feel free to check out any of them later on and tell me what you think of the track);

10 Strong Girl Power Anthems For You To Check Out…

1.)Christina Aguilera ft Demi Lovato- Fall In Line: In this song,there’s so catchy beat to dance to but there is a message that’s still strong enough to hear,and that is that they are not going to fall in line with all the rules set in place to control women and keep them in order,to remind women of their place in society and ensure they don’t step out of line. They clearly state in the chorus that they were not made to fall in line,and to be honest I don’t think any of us was made to fall in line.

2.) Beyoncé- Run The World: Just like the Queen she is; Beyonce uses this catchy and inspiring number to empower girls and tell them that they run the world. This song is perfect for reminding you of just how strong you are whenever you feel like you aren’t (plus it’s also a great choice for grooving to with your girls). With it’s empowering lyrics,catchy chorus and overall power vibes, Bey really proved that girls can and do run the world.

3.) Bea Miller- S.L.U.T: You could call this song my personal favourite and I won’t deny it because the particular area it tackles is kinda like a sensitive area to me. Well,in this song; Bea takes the word slut which is usually surrounded by negative connotations especially in regards to sexuality and turns it into something positively inspiring while also empowering girls to embrace their sexual nature without fear,which is something I totally dig.

4.) Miley Cyrus- Mother’s Daughter: Ahh yes, the controversial Miley Cyrus who shocked us with her switch from good girl Hannah to bad ass Miley after leaving Disney. In this song, we see her talking about how important having her own freedom is and warns people who want to impose on it to back up because,“she got the power”. And if there’s one thing I know for sure,it’s that no independent female likes people messing with her freedom.

5.) Ariana Grande,Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey- Don’t Call Me Angel: To be totally honest with you guys,my love for this song was more or less a love at first hearing kind of thing. Because the video was awesome,the lyrics were on point and because the artist combo was just lovely. Other than that,the message of the song is quite clear(and it was a perfect fit for the Charlie’s Angels movie of which it is a part of the soundtrack). So yeah honey,don’t call me angel,cause I’m fierce too.

6.) Ariana Grande- God Is A Woman: I won’t lie to you guys, I originally thought that Ariana was actually insinuating that God was indeed female which of course accounted for the widespread controversy that has surrounded the song right from its release date. However, I’m only just realizing that rather than claim that God is female,Ariana is only singing about the goddess power present in every woman,especially in regards to the female sexuality. So yeah,let’s clear that air,although it did come off as a serious religious controversy, the track is actually a girl power hit intended to empower women and remind them that there is a goddess in each and every one. Glad that’s out now😅☺.

7.) Little Mix- Salute: Calling all the ladies out there to listen up,come forward to represent their gender and show the world that women are more than just their pretty faces. In this popping number,we see this popular girl group calling women to come up and represent. Well I don’t have much to say about this song other than that it has a catchy beat and that its message is quite clear.

8.) Daya- Sit Still, Look Pretty: I don’t think I would be able to skip this one even if I wanted to. Why is that? Because the message is so clear that you can’t miss it and plus,it’s got a nice beat to it. So in this song, Daya is calling out the stereotypical gender roles present in the world today as well as the belief that women aren’t really meant to do anything other than sit still and look pretty( talk about boring). She’s also making it known that she’d much rather take control of her life and rule the world than just sitting still and looking pretty. For the strong willed sisters out there,this one’s for you.

9.) Demi Lovato- Confident: And here comes Demi Lovato with a totally rocking number that not only inspires us to be more confident in ourselves but also reminds us to never allow anyone to undermine our confidence and mess with our self esteem. After all,what’s wrong with being confident? Nothing at all,which is exactly what Demi is trying to let us know. And with her strong voice and lyrics and the rocking beat, I believe she passed on the message quite well. This song is perfect for getting you into that bad ass “I believe in me” kinda mood and great inspiration for the day.

10.) Selena Gomez & The Scene- Who Says: And here is the lovely Selena Gomez closing this list with her old but gold track Who Says which aims to inspire people to believe in themselves more because everyone is perfect in their own special way. This song was written for people who struggle with self esteem issues and who aren’t exactly confident in themselves,wishing they could be someone else because they don’t see the worth in them;the worth which Selena is trying to assure them that is still present and waiting for them to acknowledge it.

And that brings us to the end of this special list. Have any favorites from among this list or maybe another song you think should’ve been on this list,then let me know in the comments below. Would you like to receive updates from the blog? Then just click on the subscribe button and stay tuned. Also,if you’re up for it,feel free to download any of the songs listed and tell me what you think. Well then,that’s it for me today,see you guys later…

Yours’ truly, Arreta🌺


  • BeingSoph

    I love God is a woman.. It did push boundaries but it’s still a hit. I love brown skin girl by Beyonce too, it just makes me feel comfortable in my skin. This is beautiful ♥

    • Benita

      Thank you Sophy, I’m glad you loved this post. I love Brown Skin Girl too,and as for God Is A Woman,I just had to clear the air and let people know how good a song it is.

    • Ohiri Akunna

      You totally nailed it. Beyonce’s who runs the world is it for me. The vid,beat ,vibe and literally everything about the song is top notch. No matter how often I listen to it, it never wears on me. I think I need to update my playlist asap

      • Benita

        Like to be honest,Beyoncé honestly did a great job with that particular song. Everything about it is just so on point and it gives off this power vibes that are unmissable. As for your playlist, I think I have a few more songs you might enjoy

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