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7 Most Common Misconceptions About Girl Power.

Hey everyone,welcome back to my blog;and if you’re just visiting for the first time then I’m giving you an extra hearty welcome to the little corner of the Internet where I share my own thoughts on life as a girl. Well,for this past week plus, I’ve been running a girl power series(an inconsistent one though and I’m really sorry about that) and today we’re going to be looking at some of the most common misconceptions out there when it comes to girl power and feminism.

You see,just like any other concept,girl power has its own share of misconceptions trailing behind it and painting it a bad name(so not fair though). And even if we wish this weren’t so,we can’t change it even if we are of a mind to because some beliefs die hard(very hard) but at least we can try our best to enlighten people on what the concept is really about as well as clear the air around this misconceptions by providing facts that are solid enough to shed some light. Which is exactly what I plan to do with this post today,so without further ado,let’s shed some light on these misconceptions,clear the air and hopefully get people to understand that the concepts of feminism and girl power(both highly interlinked) aren’t really bad in their own right and just like every other cause,has people who are missing the big idea and getting the whole thing wrong. So shall we?

7 Common Misconceptions About Girl Power.

Misconception #1: Girl Power Is Meant To Oppress Men:

First of all, I’m just gonna shout a big, “HELL NO!!” because girl power does not in any way seek to oppress men through the act of females exercising their own power. The term girl power is simply meant to represent women becoming more confident in themselves and being strong enough to take control of their lives. The aim of feminism(the concept that birthed girl power) is to fight for and achieve a sustainable form of equality between the genders,where both have equal rights and none is below the other. So if you’re guilty of bearing this notion;get rid of it ASAP!!

Misconception #2: Feminism(and in turn girl power) is only for females:

This one,I don’t even know how else to laugh sef . Yes the chief aim of the cause is to fight for women’s rights but that is because by promoting the empowerment of a gender held back by the very dictates of society,we promote the equality of the sexes which is the real goal. So yes,in all actuality;feminism is for everyone both man and woman. It’s not strictly fighting for the females,just starting with one part of the issue to get closer to the goal. Make any sense?

Misconception #3: Girl Power Is Only Supported By Girls;

I’d love to list all the men who actually believe in and support the concept of girl power (and feminism as a whole) but then that could come later not now. But I can tell you that there are men who actually see the good in feminism and do their own best to promote girl power not because they hate their own gender but because they believe in the equality of the sexes which is what we’re trying to achieve here. Yes majority of the people supporting girl power are females(because the cause is directly linked to them) but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t men out there raising their voices to help women. Because there are!

Misconception #4: Girl Power Is Pushing For A Matriarchy:

First of all,why would we be pushing for a matriarchy when we’re seeing all the problems that are abound in the patriarchy? It doesn’t make any sense,right? That’s because it’s not the goal,we want equality not superiority. It’s just like the Black Lives Matter movement that’s fighting for the equality of the races,they’re not fighting for racial superiority of any sort but rather equality. As they would say it, “We are aware that all lives matter but then we are fighting for black lives because they are in danger”. So also is it with this cause,we are not looking to be superior to men as we have seen the disadvantages of inequality. That’s why we want an egalitarian society,where everyone is seen as equal to the other.

Misconception #5: Women Supporting Girl Power Want To Be Seen As Men:

This is basically trying to say that the strong women out there who believe in and support feminism and girl power want to be treated the same way as their male counterparts. This is completely false because although women want to be seen as equals to men,they do not want to be seen as or treated in similar manner to their male counterparts. They enjoy their feminine and as such want it to be acknowledged by others rather than be subdued because to a lot of them,their greatest pride is being female.

Misconception #6: Girl Power Is Only Concerned With Rights, Ignoring The Duties That Follow:

Okay this one kinda has a strong enough base,as a lot of feminists I’ve seen over here are all hankering for the rights but shirk away when the heavy responsibilities come knocking. However,even though this is so,it is more due to the individual’s own ideals rather than that of the concept itself. We are aware that by winning the equality in rights,there are duties which will now follow us that weren’t there initially. But then that’s a worthy price to pay,and we also are aware of that,and acknowledge it as such. So my dear,clear that from your head,and my sisters out there who are guilty of this,please change abeg.

Misconception #7: Girl Power Is About Fighting Men For Power:

So wait a second,you actually thought that girl power is all about fighting men for control??? For what and with which strength? Let me just make it crystal clear that girl power is not about fighting men or hating men,that is misandry which is so very different from what we’re talking about here. Please don’t mix the two up,they don’t relate at all,like in no way whatsoever. Besides,our “fight” is against society and the oppressive dictates set against females(and males too,I’ll cover this) and society is made up of both men and women so what we’re fighting for is change and what we’re fighting is the retrogressive mindset that’s still quite present

So there you have it, seven common misconceptions associated with girl power and feminism(since they’re like, I covered them together). If you know of any other misconception or would just like to share your opinion on this,then the comment section is all for you. Also I’d really appreciate it if you guys could help me out by sharing this post with others(only if you want to though) cause that would really be helping me out here. Anyway I’m done for now,happy Sunday loves;until next time…..

Yours’ truly, Arreta.

P.S : To check out the first post in the series click here to read it. And as for my images, I designed them with Canva but got the pictures from Pinterest.


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