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Girl Power: What It’s Really About…

Heyyy everyone welcome back to my blog,I’m so happy you could stop by my little corner of the internet and hear what I have to say. Well in my last post, I had talked about some of the most common misconceptions that people have when it comes to girl power and now that I’ve cleared your mind on that, I feel it’s time I actually talk about what girl power is really about. If you’ve followed me through the series then you would have realized the obvious topic of choice for this sub series is girl power and that I’ve tried my best to be consistent(hopefully in the future I’ll perfect this or at least do better).

For now, I’m just going to talk about girl power and what it’s really about (or at least what it means to me) so that I can first of all successfully wrap up this series because I have so many other things I want to write about and then because this is actually the topic I’ve been waiting for because I wanted to share my own opinion on what girl power really is about.

What It Is…That Female Power!

So now, what is girl power really? I mean there are so many things that come to mind when the word “girl power” is mentioned. To some people it’s just feminism in a prettier name(I kinda fall here), to another set of people it’s just a popular catch phrase used in the entertainment industry to market feminism to young women who might otherwise not really care about it, to yet another set of people,the concept of girl power (just like feminism) was started up to oppress men and promote misandry(well there are people who give this belief some ground, “toxic feminists” as I’d like to call them). And then there’s yet another set of people(like yours truly ) who simply view girl power as “a slogan that is used to celebrate and encourage female independence, strength and confidence”. As a slogan, the phrase girl power is used to promote the idea that women should be strong and confident enough in themselves to take charge of their own lives rather than sitting around playing the role of damsel in distress that has been ascribed to them for as long as society can remember. Now don’t get me wrong, there isn’t really anything wrong in wanting a man who’ll take care of you(even I myself would love to find one ) but then the thing is that even without the man in your life,you are still able to manage your own life affairs without messing it up or without having to look for someone who’ll manage your life for you(if you can’t confidently make major decisions for yourself BY yourself;then baby there’s a problem).

Now I know there are people who have different negative ideas about girl power (and the concept of feminism as a whole,you can click here to find out about some of the negative misconceptions people have about girl power) but I want to assure you that it brings no harm. I want to assure you that even though there are fanatic believers in the cause who are bound to go overboard(it’s there in every cause,crazy fans),the cause does not wish to oppress anyone;just wants to correct some of society’s flaws in regards to gender roles and stereotypes(covering this in my next post). So after all this talk and reassurance, I believe it’s time for me to actually share what I believe girl power is all about;

“Girl power is basically that subconcept of feminism that is concerned with the empowerment of females”. It’s the fight for gender equality through the empowerment of a gender that has long been marginalized by society,and has been held down by so many strict rules and expectations designed to keep them in place,unwritten rules that are just as powerful as the law(might as well be the law 😒). The main concern of girl power is not to push for a matriarchy(which would be just as bad as the patriarchal society we’re already living in) nor is it to promote misandry and oppress men(to do this,one must have the strength and I assure you,a good number of us no get am at all 😂);rather it is to fight for the empowerment of women and to celebrate feminine strength and confidence when it is shown(doesn’t mean we’ll celebrate women who are just bent on looking for trouble in order to show themselves). So yeah,that’s basically it,the fight for gender equality through the empowerment of women and the celebration and encouragement of females strength where it is well displayed.

So yeah,that’s all for today and this is me bringing the “Power Of Eve” series to a worthy(or rather almost worthy) close. If you enjoyed this post,and the series in general then I would so love to see your thoughts in the comments section. I’d also love it even more if you could let me know the post(s) you enjoyed the most,and if you could help me share this post to your friends(but only if you really enjoyed the post and see it as good enough to share😅). Anyway,it’s time for me to say c’est finis to the Power Of Eve series and get to work on the next one(thinking of doing a mini series on toxic relationships). So,see you later guys….

Yours’ truly, Arreta🌺


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