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What I Think About How Society Raised Her Men(A Rant 😂)

You see that picture above? It’s cute right but you know what’s cuter? The message it carries and you know what’s even cuter than that? The fact that the cute but strong little message in the picture above is basically my inspiration for this rant piece I’m writing right now. Lest I forget,good morning everyone and welcome once again to my little corner of the Internet where I share my thoughts and try to help make a difference where I can ❤).

So hey everyone,welcome back to my blog Being Eve, for today we’re going to be talking about something different. I’ve never really written for my male readers(yes people,there are guys who take a bit of an interest in my lifestyle blog for girls ) and when I came across this picture I decided to give it a shot and talk about an issue that needs some real addressing. Which is why I’m going to be talking about the way society raised her men,the mistakes made along the way as well as the popular excuse given whenever any of the mistakes tend to show up. And don’t worry I’m not going to be talking about it like a crazy pseudo feminist(aka man hater)who’s only concerned with how their mistakes are affecting women(I care about that too though) but as someone who’s actually interested in how this all affects the gender whom it’s meant to protect(yes boys I’m talking about you).

So I believe we’re all pretty familiar with the phrase boys will be boys as well as what it represents. We’ve heard it lots of times;usually in rape cases or whatever else a guy needs to be exonerated from. It’s easy to just watch a bunch of guys act all rowdy and go about acting on their urges and go all boys will be boys as if that justifies what they’re doing. Sure it does provide a good excuse,but at what cost? Now lemme just put this out there, for every time you use the phrase boys will be boys to justify a guy’s unruly behaviour,you’re actually promoting a negative stereotype about them and as it is there are already a lot of them making waves(one of them being that men are purely impulsive creatures who can’t keep their urges in check).

The truth behind the phrase "boys will be boys"

To me though, I feel like the phrase in itself is just a load of crap that was totally intended to justify the mistakes made by society in raising her men rather than justifying the misdeeds of men(it’s just dumb luck that it does the both quite well). I mean why not, when society constantly tells men to be tough and stoic, to see their emotions as weaknesses and to always be the alpha(and a whole bunch of other traits that can collectively be identified as toxic masculinity). If you’re anything like me,then you’ll be able to spot(after some time of observing) that the #boyswillbeboys also affects the gender it’s meant to look out for, because in the process of giving a good enough excuse,it also allows for the promotion of negative stereotypes commonly associated with the masculine gender.

So to sum this little rant up, I believe there are a lot of mistakes in how society raised her men (and continues to raise them) and that the #boyswillbeboys is just a convenient enough excuse for them to use to vindicate themselves from their mistakes. And when I’m talking about society, I’m talking about every single one of us because we all played a role in promoting this either directly or indirectly and we all have a part in cleaning up the mess we’ve been making all these years. Now I know there are exceptions,guys who’ve been raised right and who are well behaved but in a situation where there are so many negative stereotypes as well as people who bring them to life,it’ll be quite a challenge for our good guys to break from it.

So,that brings me to the end of this little rant….but before I go;here’s a question for you. Do you agree with what I’m trying to say here or do you believe I got it wrong? Whatever your opinion is,do let me know in the comments below,I’d so love to see your thoughts below(warning though,keep your words civil and diplomatic,this ain’t no battlefield). Ahhh,now that I’ve gotten this baby out I can now fully focus on prepping for my mini series on toxic relationships which should be coming really soon(pending on my consistency). Anyway,that’s it for me for now,see ya ❤.

Yours’ truly, Arreta🌺


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