Introducing…The Toxicon

Hey guys, how are we doing today? Hopefully you guys are doing better than I am right now (this week’s been quite a ride for me). Anyway, a few days ago, a friend of mine had asked me some questions based on a post I had written on toxic relationships. She’d asked me for advice on how to leave a toxic relationship and the like and me being me; I’d simply drawn from my own experience chest to give her some tips on how to go about it.

Apart from that,there’s also the fact that my Quora has been flooded with different questions that all have to do with toxic relationships and while answering the questions I was thinking Why don’t I do this on my blog,who knows I could actually be helping someone out? Maybe someone who’s been in a situation similar to mine or worse or even milder, a lot of people out there have had the unfortunate privilege of being in an unhealthy situation that they don’t really know how to deal with. Or someone who just wants to know the red flags to look out for or the best way to handle it so that they’re able to minimize the damage.

Which is why I decided to run a mini series where I’ll be covering as much as I can on toxic relationships(and where there is need, I’ll be opening up as well). In this series, I’ll be sharing some of my own experiences with toxic relationships and answering some of the most common questions out there (with regards to our central topic of course).

Introducing….The Toxicon.

What It’s About?

The Toxicon is a mini series(more like a mini talk) that’s going to be discussing toxic relationships(could add toxic mentalities later on but let’s hold that thought for a while, I have to be consistent with one part first). In this mini series, I’ll be talking about the different things you need to know about toxic relationships ranging from the ways you can spot one to the various red flags that give it away, ways you can deal with a toxic partner(as well as signs that you might be the toxic partner in your relationship). I’ll also do my best to give you guys the best way to come out of a toxic relationships and officially end things with your partner,as well as how best to heal from all the pain and the trauma(I’ll tell you some of the mistakes I made when dealing with mine so that it’ll help you out but please don’t laugh).

Now…Who Is It For?

The Toxicon is for everyone who has either been in or is currently in a toxic situation who is looking for the best way to deal with all the negativity in that relationship and move on from the pain(cause man it is quite hard moving on from a toxic relationship,believe me on this one). It’s also for people who just want to know more about toxic relationships so that they’ll be able to avoid it and in a case where they find themselves in one they’ll know how best to deal with it,the best way to walk away and end it all as well as how to really heal from the trauma and actually get over it.

Now,here’s something I feel I need to put out there,even though I’ve already picked up a lot of questions from my Quora for this mini series, I would also love to answer all your questions so do drop your questions in the comments section and if I can’t answer it in any of the topics,I’ll answer it privately(you can hit me up on WhatsApp here). So well,that brings this little intro to a close,see you guys in the next topics of the season ❤.

Yours’ truly, Arreta

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