Are you the toxic partner?

Are You The Toxic One? Signs That You Are The Toxic Partner…

So in the last post, I’d mentioned some of the signs that will help you determine if your relationship is toxic or not(now I know I missed this one but I still have to add it,the mere fact you’re thinking your relationship is unhealthy is a sign in itself,your gut usually knows before you do). However,today I’m going to be talking about something quite similar and also different,and here’s what it is;I’m going to give a list of signs that you might actually be the toxic partner in your relationship.

How come? Well there’s the fact that sometimes it’s not our partners who are toxic but rather we ourselves. Yes,it is possible for us to be the toxic one in our relationships(I’m talking from experience,I’ve been the toxic partner once so I know what I’m saying) even though we might be struggling to admit it to ourselves. I mean come on, in a world where everyone’s trying to be the good guy it’s quite hard to accept the face that you just might be the toxic partner in your relationship.

Do you think your relationship might be unhealthy but you don’t exactly know why? Maybe you’re so sure that there’s something wrong with the relationship but there’s nothing wrong with your partner who’s still treating you as good as ever. Then sorry to break it to you but you might be the toxic partner in your ship. Still having doubts about it? I totally understand,I felt the same way when I was in my own situation;which is why I’m giving this list of signs that you are the toxic partner in your relationship,so without further ado;here we go…

10 Signs That You Are The Toxic Partner In Your Relationship.

1.) Your partner finds it hard to talk to you: This is because they are actually afraid of you and of what you’re capable of doing when you get into a mood,or they’re afraid of being ignored by you and feeling as though they’re talking to a rock because you don’t really care(not the best feeling). As a results of this,they’re going to be afraid of talking to you about anything.

2.) You have no qualms about lying to them: Infact you do it a lot,lying about almost everything from where you go during the day to who you talk to,hell you even lie to them about who you really are and other things that you’re meant to be 100% truthful about. You do this because you don’t care if they trust you or not and as such feel no need to be honest with them about anything whatsoever.

3.) You are quite comfy with manipulating them: You know they love you and because you don’t really care about their feelings,you find yourself manipulating them from time to time,making them do things that they ordinarily wouldn’t do in a bid to please you. You find yourself comfortable bending them to your will because it gives you a bit of pleasure.

4.) You are trying to change them: Maybe they don’t fit in with your idea of a dream partner and rather than accepting that fact;you find yourself constantly trying to change them and make them into something similar to your idea. By doing this,you are going to make them feel as thought they aren’t good enough as they are and that they need to change themselves for you (don’t ever be the reason a person feels as though they need to change who they are,it’s bad as it is).

5.) You don’t like their friends: And I’m not talking about the regular not liking bae’s friends who you’re not really sure about. Nah,this is different;you don’t like any of their friends(mostly because they’d warn your partner about you and in some cases you’re clingy or just damn possessive). You don’t like your partner’s friends and you try as much as possible to reduce the time they spend with them(or cut them off,depends) and where you can’t,then you don’t even bother hiding your dislike for them(one that’s most likely mutual).

6.) You judge them a lot: And are very fond of criticising them for basically almost everything they do. You judge them for almost every decision they make and you can’t help but just use their past mistakes to judge and criticise them all night long because it allows for easy manipulation(after all,the easiest people to manipulate are broken people).

7.) You use them: To you they are simply just a means to an end which is why you find it really easy to use them for whatever without considering their own needs or feelings. You don’t feel any genuine emotions for them and only show them some affection when you need to use them to achieve something,after which you drop them and walk away (or you string them along so that they never really leave).

8.) You are emotionally dependent: A healthy relationship is one where both partners are able to be their individual selves even while together. Unfortunately,you’re unable to maintain your individual because you’re dependent on your partner for fulfilling your emotional needs which are quite linked to theirs e.g your happiness depends on theirs and vice versa. Because of this you’re going to be quite clingy to them which puts a good bit of pressure on them as they’re now responsible for two people’s emotions (talk about stress).

9.) You are unfaithful to them: Now read this sentence well,I didn’t say you “cheat on them” because it is quite possible for you to fall into temptation only once and then get back on track with them after settling the issue. No,in this case you are constantly cheating on them at any chance you get and with whoever is willing to. This is one of the biggest signs of disrespect out there and apart from that,it’ll make your partner feel inadequate,as if they’re not enough for you which can greatly affect their feelings of self worth. Don’t ever do it.

Well,that brings us to the end of this post and I’m glad that I was able to give a good enough list of signs that you might be the toxic partner in your ship. Do well to share with anyone who you think might need this and also let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Now I have a question; I noticed that a lot of you aren’t really feeling this mini series so I was wondering,can you tell me what I can do to make it more interesting for you and if it’s the topic you don’t like,is there any other one you would like me to discuss instead?

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I guess it’s til next time. So see you loves…

Yours truly, Arreta


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