Fashionably Me: What Style Means To Me💖💖.

Hey guys, welcome back to the blog and to the Fashionable Eve series which is currently running. Well in the last post, I had talked about finding your personal style and I had given a guide to help you out with finding and defining it(hopefully you enjoy it). Now, today’s post is a personal post of sorts because I’m going to be sharing my own story (or point of view rather) and talk about what style means to me.

You see, there are so many different ideas of style all around us as there are so many ways to interpret those five letters. To some, their idea of style is shallow as they see it as just the simple act of dressing up and looking good everyday (a part of it but in no way is this the main deal) while to others, they see style as something much deeper than knowing how to rock the latest fashion and look good all the time; to them style is an art…it’s like you’re using your wardrobe to express yourself. To sum it up, let’s look at it this way:

” Style is fashion mixed with a good dose of personality. Fashion is generic but style is personal.

What Style Means To Me.
“Skrrrr, I’m here bitch!”

I’ve been on both sides of this before and well I’m going to share my ideas of style both then and now because I want to show you that a person’s style evolves as the person grows or as their personality evolves as well as just share my own idea of style with you.

What Style Means To Me: Then And Now...

For the purpose of this post, I’ll have to break this story into two very important parts: the then and the now. I’m covering these two parts because it’s necessary for me to show you how my idea of style developed over the years as this post is meant to show my style evolution. So well, let’s begin shall we…let’s go back to the past for a bit shall we?

What Style Meant To Me Then:

Back when I was still a little girl, my idea of style was to always look good by wearing all the fashionably fancy pieces I owned. I’d watch so much Disney and E! back then and so it made me believe that the most stylish people are the ones with the fanciest and most expensive clothes and well if you can’t get those ones, you’d have to work your way around it (which I did a lot, a benefit of reading style magazines at an early age😂 😂). I’d always wear my most dazzling pieces even if it’s just to stay home because I hated looking drab (still do but at least now I’m better). Back then I’d always go over the top when dressing up to go out with the fam, and as if that wasn’t enough, I’d always deck myself in more accessories than were necessary…after all style was about being fashionably fancy right? Well, it kinda is, if you look at it on surface level but if you look a little deeper, you’ll find out (just like I did) that there’s more to style than the latest fashion trends. Now, onto the next part of this story….

What Style Means To Me Now:

I won’t really lie to you, my idea of having a personal style of my own was actually something I learned about when I was writing my eBook. However, that’s not to say that my idea of style didn’t change until the eBook came along…because it did. I mean I’m no longer the little girl who thinks that being stylish is about following the latest trends and dressing all fancy schmancy. I still do the fancy dressing though, because I’ve realized that I’m quite comfortable in it and that it suits my personality well (which is what style is all about) but now I also dress down when I feel like it and it still looks good and feels good.

What I’m trying to say in essence is that now I recognize that style is more about the personality than the clothes because everyone can wear the same outfits and follow the same fashion trends but not everyone can have the same style. I now know that to be truly stylish, I have to let my wardrobe express my personality because that’s what this is all about. I mean now I use my mood to determine my outfits and so far so good I have yet to be disappointed (I’m thinking of writing a post on how to dress according to your mood, what do you think?) so right now I’m closing this with one last quote that hopefully delivers the message.

“Your style is your ability to represent who you are by means of your outfits”.


And with that, we’ve finally come to the end of this post, hopefully you all will be able to catch onto the message I was trying to pass on with this post which is the fact that style is much deeper than looking good and that as we grow our style evolves with us. Well, how was this little story? Did you enjoy it? I’m sorry if it seems a little understanding, the thing is I didn’t really prepare this post before now so everything is just coming straight outta my heart (I wanted it to be that way since it was a personal post). Well,that’s all for today loves,see you next time💖💖.

Yours’ truly, Arreta🌺.


  1. Ezichi says:

    Oh how I wish someone could tell my mum this…”tf everybody has their own style peculiar to them ma’am!(me, myself and I)”
    Mehnnn am so loving this fashion series honey

    1. Benita says:

      I’m so happy you’re loving it boo…because I love writing it…well if WP and signal will allow me to actually write it

      1. Ihuoma says:

        I love the last quote, my style is really how I represent myself through my outfits although my style changes once in a while so but still, it’s a good one, love this series❣️ keep it up girl

        1. Benita says:

          Exactly, a lot of people don’t really understand that and still confuse style as just looking good which is not so correct because there’s more to it than just that. As for the style changes, it shows that your style grows with you, something I’d call style evolution. And to wrap this up, thank you so much, I’m glad you loved the post

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