Wardrobe Essentials For Girls: 10 Pieces You Just Have To Own.

Okay, so earlier on I kicked off The Fashionable Eve series on this blog with an easy guide to defining your personal style and I remember mentioning wardrobe building as one of the steps involved. I also mentioned in an older post on restyling your clothes that the number one thing to do before you go on restyling your outfits is to make sure your wardrobe is stocked with timeless pieces that are so quintessential to wardrobe building that they stand the test of time and will not go out of style anytime soon. And today on the blog, I’m going to be giving a little list of wardrobe essentials for girls to help you out with your wardrobe building (would write a post on it but nah, I covered that in my eBook and if you wanna read it then you have to get it  ).

So what are these essential pieces? Well to break it down a little, the essential pieces are those pieces that are so necessary that they basically form the foundation of your wardrobe and are the basis for most (if not all) of your outfits. They are those pieces in your wardrobe that make up the fundamental base of it all, the items that are so necessary that they will always be in style (unless something actually comes up to replace them).

Now, why do we need these essentials? Why bother so much with them after all they’re just clothes? True that, they are just clothes but then here’s the thing that makes them so important….they are the base of the wardrobe, the pieces that can’t really be replaced because there isn’t really a close substitute to them. Plus there’s also the fact that you can have only these items in your wardrobe and you’d still be good to go. Wanna know what these items are?? Then you’re in luck cause I’m about to start listing them.

10 Wardrobe Essentials For Girls: Pieces You Have To Have In Your Wardrobe.

1.) Skinny Jeans: These pieces are so versatile…like you can wear them in almost any way you choose and they will still look good (I’m talking from experience, I’m a jeans girl ). There are so many ways to style a good pair of jeans and rock them for any occasion you choose, be it a regular day out or a semi formal event. All you need to rock your jeans is a good top,a great pair of shoes and some cute accessories. Get that down and you’ve practically nailed it.

2.) Little Black Dress: Ahh yes, the classic little black dress. This is one piece that is so essential that other fashion bloggers and style icons mention it whenever they talk about essential items that have to be present because it is one of the most versatile pieces ever. You can wear it anywhere from a casual outing to a formal event, all you need to change is just shoes and accessories then you’re good to go.

3.) Pencil skirt: Every woman is meant to have a pencil skirt in her wardrobe because it is a very handy piece especially for moments when you want to switch from casual to formal and you are not up for some super creativity (the kind you’ll need to make a pair of jeans look formal ). A good, well fitted pencil skirt is also quite the flattering piece especially when you pair it with either a peplum top or a cute little tank top and blazer jacket. And if you can pull it off, your pencil skirt can serve as a casual piece, just wear it with your casual outing tops and simple accessories and you are good to go.

4.) Denim Jacket: Perfect for adding that little bit of edge to your outfit while covering you from the cold. A denim jacket has the ability to change your outfit from just plain casual to an edgy fit with that bad girl vibes (of course the kinda vibes you give depends on how you wear it). Having a denim jacket (or a good jacket at least) saves you a lot of stress when it comes to switching up and restyling outfits as the jacket brings its own vibes. Another close relative of this that is equally essential is the blazer jacket which unlike the denim one, can be used for formal occasions like office parties and so on. So my advice, best you have the two.

5.) Tank top: Oh so simple, so chic, so sexy and so adaptable; the tank top is one piece that you can wear wherever and however you want to, all that’s needed is for you to know how to pull the look off. You can wear the tank top to stay at home, go out with friends and even for formal occasion, all you need to focus on is what to wear it with. For example, at home you can wear it with a pair of sweat pants or shorts, when out with friends you can wear it with a good pair of jeans, a denim jacket and a nice pair of sneakers,heels or flats while if you want to go formal with a then you can simply paint it with a pencil skirt, a blazer jacket and a pain of heels, to be finished with a clutch bag and jewelry. My advice for this piece; no matter what always ensure you have a black or a white tank top because these colors are the easiest to work with (black especially).

6.) The White Tee: Actually any kind of tee is essential but it’s best you have either a white or a black tee in your wardrobe because there will be days when you have no energy whatsoever to dress up but you still want to look good, then a tee shirt is your go to. I mean it’s a super versatile piece that can be worn in so many ways; from plain stay at home to cool and casual and with the right accessories and a bit of creativity, you can even make it look as stylish as a peplum or chiffon top. All depends on you though, but a tee shirt (especially white or black) is a necessary piece.

7.) Cardigan: My fellow Nigerians harmattan is coming and we know how it is (for those in the temperate regions we know winter can be an icy bitch so this goes for you too). It’s time for you to get your cardigans ready to help you keep warm during the cold because that’s the primary function of a cardigan but do you know that apart from that, you can also create new outfits with your cardigan; just pair it with a tee shirt or tank top and a pair of jeans ,throw on some sandals or sneakers and you’re alright to go out for a run on the street or just a casual get together with friends. You can also pair it with a tank top and a pencil skirt, throw on some flats or heels and you’re good for a night out or a family dinner or whatever else. Cardigans are versatile which means there isn’t really any limit as to how you can wear them and plus, with the cold coming they are one of the most necessary pieces you can get.

8.) High heels: Do you have lovely long legs that you just want to show off? Then a stunning pair of heels is what you need to help you out with that. Granted, they aren’t the easiest pain of shoes to walk around in (I have problems walking in heels😅) but still, that doesn’t change the fact that not only are they one of the sexiest pair of shoes you can have but also there’s the fact that they’re available and you can switch up from casual to formal as well as all the in betweens. You can wear them with a little black dress, jeans and a tee or any other top or with a cute skirt and top, or whatever else you can think of (with some little exceptions here and there). My advice for this one is to make sure you get heels you can actually walk in and to make sure you have a handy black pair of heels as your go to.

9.) Sneakers: The perfect pair of shoes for that casual yet edgy look. Trust me you have to have a pair of sneakers in your wardrobe because they are comfortable, stylish, durable, chic and on top of it all, very very versatile, like you can wear them with almost anything to almost anywhere. Pair these with jeans and a tank top with a denim jacket and you are gooood to go. My advice for this piece is to make sure you have a white pair of sneakers (different I know but in the sneakers white is almost like the black).

10.) Clutch bag: This one has a very special place in my wardrobe because my mom has drummed it in my head that a young lady is always meant to have a hand bag on her and of course me being a young adult, I’d have to carry a hand bag that doesn’t look older than me and this is where the clutch bag comes in. Perfect for all ages, with all outfits and for all occasions; you can’t really ignore the face that a clutch is indeed essential. My only tip for this piece is to make sure you get a black clutch because black is a truly versatile colour.

And then here are some bonus pieces that are just as essential as the ones listed above and as such, they have to be added to this list because even though I intended for this list to stop at just 10 items; I couldn’t find it in myself to leave them out. Wanna know what they are? Then let’s get to it

11.) Wristwatches: Another piece that my mother has drummed its importance into my dear ears and with good reason, because no matter where we are or what we have on we will always need to be able to tell the time and so this piece is highly essential for more reasons than one. In fact, it is so essential a piece that there are almost no limitations as to how you can wear them. Just get some quality pieces and you’re alright.

Wristwatches by Shengke

12.) Flats: Hello comfort shoes😂😂. But seriously, these shoes are one of the most comfortable shoes you will ever come across, second only to sandals and bathroom slippers. In addition to being so comfortable; they’re also stylishly simple and highly versatile, second only to sandals. You can wear a pair of flats to casual or formal outings as well as all the in betweens. Just make sure to get at least a black and a nude pair and you’re good to go.

Ballet flats

13.) Gold jewelry: Ohhh how can I forget to mention this one, the royal finish to any and all outfits. This one is yet another item whose importance has been drummed into my ears by my mom (if you haven’t gotten the hint yet, I got my style from my momma). Now of course I could have simply just left it at jewelry but you see, gold jewelry is the most versatile of them all as it can go with almost any outfit. My advice for this is to get as much as you can while mixing it up with silver, beads and others. Do that and you’re alright.

Gold earrings and necklace

So there you have it, a list of wardrobe essentials for girls out there…one that should help you in knowing what you’re stocking your wardrobe with especially this season when everyone is going shopping for the holidays (and the many events that fall within that time). Here’s a tip for you though, when going shopping for clothes this season make sure to mix it up a little by getting a good number of timeless essentials along with a number of seasonal trends (when getting seasonal pieces, try and get the ones you can restyle for later) as this will help you keep your wardrobe ready for not only the holidays and its many events but also for life after the season (main essence of timeless).

Well, I have officially come to the end of this post and I hope it helps you out with your wardrobe building (or at least give you an idea of the items that should make up the base of it). Hope you’re enjoying the series, and if there’s any particular fashion related topic you want me to discuss then let me know in the comments. For now,it’s time for me to say au revoir mi amors.

Yours’ truly, Arreta


  1. Ihuoma says:

    Ok good one but I won’t lie I was hopin to see stuff like black singlet, black and white jacket but these works too…really amazing post. It reminds me of a video I watched on YouTube titled ‘basic wardrobe essentials’ by nazjaa. I really loved that video you can check out her channel on YouTube, it’s lit.
    Dope post as usual❣️

    1. Benita says:

      Thank you so much dearie, I’m happy you enjoyed this post and I’ll go check out that video soon. Well I did mention a singlet because a tank top is quite similar to it, I’m sorry I didn’t mention the ones you expected though,thanks for bringing it to my attention ❤ ❤

  2. nianni says:

    Nice post. These are all items that are really necessary.

    1. Benita says:

      Highly necessary, I just had to make this list

  3. Ezichi says:

    This series has crept its way into my lil pumping heart…I love every single tinzy tiny bit of it likeeee
    Can’t over emphasize how stylishly laid out these essentials were cause I mean, tank top, sweat pants and denim jacket was sooooo me today and tf I could say a thousand and one reasons why I love this series but the fact that it speaks so much of my style innit is the climax

    1. Benita says:

      Ohhh goodie, now I know I’m doing it right☺☺

  4. Flora says:

    Babe as if you knew i needed this type of content in my life
    Thanks dear

  5. Flora says:

    This is amazing content honestly

    1. Benita says:

      Thank you bb

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