10 Quotes About Personal Style To Help You Out.

So today, I decided to go quote hunting on Pinterest (you’ll be surprised what you find there) and stumbled across some of the most inspiring fashion quotes out there; especially in regards to personal style and well me being me, I decided to gather as much as I can in order to pick out the best ones to share with you guys because a good old inspirational quote has this way of making you feel motivated to do something (especially when the quote packs a real strong message) and I feel that even when talking about your fashion sense there are some good quotes you can find…which is why I decided to curate this list of quotes about personal style.

Why gather this list of quotes anyway? I mean aren’t we talking about wearing clothes,what’s so special about that? Well you see, there’s actually more to style than that (hell there’s even more to fashion than that and fashion is quite shallow compared to style) and these quotes capture that one little key point and express it in so many ways.

So now, without further ado let’s get on to the main content of this post (the lovely handpicked quotes I hunted for) hopefully by the end of it you’ll be able to get the main message.

10 Quotes About Personal Style To Keep You Inspired On Your Style Journey.

1.) Rachel Zoe: Okay I couldn’t help but start the list with this particular quote because it is quite the perfect definition for what style is all about. Your style is meant to serve as a representation of your personality and American fashion designer Rachel Zoe knows that, otherwise this quote wouldn’t have come about.

2.) Oscar De La Renta: In this quote from Dominican fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta(may he rest in peace), we see him stating the difference between fashion and style, explaining to us that fashion is just a trend while style lives within a person (in other words, your style is yours).

3.) Anna Wintour: British- American fashion journalist, Anna Wintour uses this quote to emphasize the importance of creating your own unique style that can be used to identify you. After all, your style is a way of saying who you are without using words.

4.) Nina Garcia: This quote is quite self explanatory and I’m grateful to Colombian- American fashion journalist, Nina Garcia for giving us this quote. Your style is a deep expression of your personality and whenever you dress up, you’re showing off a bit of who you are. This kinda gives some credit to the saying “dress as you wish to be addressed” because why would you want to leave a wrong impression?

5.) Ralph Lauren: Now, according to American fashion designer and businessman Ralph Lauren in this quote, style and fashion and very different in the sense that unlike fashion which is not only generic but also temporary, style is on a more personal level and is much more lasting than fashion which is quite true if you ask me because fashion trends fade away after a while but style grows and evolves along with a person; hence the term “style is forever”.

6.) Emma Watson: In this quote, English actress and activist Emma Watson tells us that the main point to style is not looking perfect (I mean what exactly is perfect?) but rather it’s the ability of whatever outfit you’re wearing to say something about you. In other words, less perfection, more expression because style is an expression of who you are.

7.) Stella McCartney: Your personal style is something that starts from within, this is what this English fashion designer has to tell us and well it is true, because your style is a way of expressing your personal philosophies (yes you can use your style to express quite a lot of things) and if you don’t try to either understand or be honest with yourself then you’ll never get the hang of it.

8.) Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana: I’m not even going to try and put this quote in my own work because it already says enough and this Italian fashion duo have already done the work for me. However, I will focus on one key line here and that is style is personality.

9.) Michael Kors: Do I really need to try and add words to this? Because to me this particular quote just aces everything here and passes on the strongest message out of them all and well I’m lucky I was able to stumble upon this quote from American fashion designer Michael Kors.

10.) Ralph Lauren(again): Yes yes, he’s appeared on this list before but that doesn’t stop me from using a good quote when I see it and this is a good one. Basically, we’re being told to take risks, try new things and always be true to us. Simply gold.

Now, if we observe the quotes in this list, we’ll see that there is a common similarity among all of them and that is the face that they are all focusing on and drawing attention to the face that style is more about the person than the clothes, so if you don’t know your own personality then you might have trouble defining your style because your style is your personality shining through your wardrobe.

Well, that’s it for me today; I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a while (I got caught up in my Wattpad fanfics yet again😅, but that’s by the way😅). If you enjoyed this post let me know and tell me your favorite quote in the comments below. Now loves, it’s time for me to go but before that, I have a quote of my own to drop…

By yours’ truly💖

Yours truly, Arreta🌺.


  1. Cokonma says:

    I have officially found a favorite quote to define my style❤

    1. Benita says:

      Lol which one is it

  2. Cokonma says:

    I’ve officially found a favorite quote to define my style❤

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