How to improve your relationship with yourself.
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How To Improve Your Relationship With Yourself.

“In order to truly love another, one must learn to love oneself”.


Hey guys, so does this quote above sound familiar to you? Maybe you’ve heard something similar to it or even these exact words, and you understand clearly the message behind these words. Well, if you do then that’s awesome because it makes this easier for me but if you don’t, it’s still okay cause I will do my very best to break it down for you as best as you can. As for the importance of the quote, well I’m going to be sharing with you how to improve your relationship with yourself and how you can go about it.

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So, I’m going to start this off by asking you a simple yet personal question and that question is, “What is your relationship with yourself like?” Funny question, right? Like how can you be having a relationship with yourself, what happened to friends and lovers? Well, the truth is that you can (and actually are meant to) have a relationship with yourself (a damn good one). What’s so important about how your relationship with yourself is like? Here’s a top reason; it affects your relationship with others to a very great extent while also affecting your self esteem and the likes.

How do you love yourself?

Unfortunately,despite the obvious importance of having a good relationship with oneself, this particular relationship is the most neglected one of all; because most people tend to use other people or things to fill up the gaps left by the unhealthy relationship they have with themselves (an unhealthy coping mechanism of its own). Why do people seem to neglect this particular relationship more than others? The truth is this, most people don’t really understand the concept of having a relationship with themselves, instead choosing to focus on their relationship with others.

Of course, this ends up with them having toxic relationships with themselves which in turn degenerates into them becoming toxic to other people (bummer right?). So yeah, do try to focus on building a good relationship with yourself because if you don’t; and it ends up becoming toxic for you; let me just tell you that this is one toxic relationship that you just can’t walk away from if it happens. So do be careful, in the meanwhile, why don’t we look at the reasons why you should try to maintain a good relationship with yourself.

Why You Need To Maintain A Good Relationship With Yourself.

To be honest, I can list out a million and one reasons why you have to put in the effort and keep a good relationship with yourself, or improve it if the relationship has any existing strains (well I can’t really listen everything but you get what I’m trying to say). So now, before I go on to tell you how to improve your relationship with yourself, I’ll let you know why it’s important to keep a good relationship with yourself.

1.) It’s the cornerstone for your other relationships: To break it down,it’s basically the foundation on which your other relationships will be based. Like if you have a toxic relationship with yourself, then expect a good number of toxic relationships coming your way.

2.) It affects your mental health: Yes darling, your mental health is very quite linked to your relationship with yourself. If the relationship you have with yourself is an unhealthy one then sad to say, but your mental health is going to take quite the blow from it because it won’t be in good shape and will be pretty unstable.

3.) It affects the way in which you view yourself: Just like how your relationship with someone affects the way in which you view them, that’s how your relationship with yourself affects the way you see yourself. If you have a good relationship with yourself,then you’re going to see yourself as a good person and if not, well you wouldn’t be able to stand your own guts because you dislike yourself.

4.) Your self esteem is going to take a blow: Your self esteem which is basically a representation of how you see yourself will of course be affected by the kind of relationship (mentioned something similar in the point above).

5.) It saves you from toxic relationships: Just like how your relationship with yourself serves as the foundation of your relationship with others, that’s how it also determines if you’ll ever be in a toxic relationship (or how many you’ll be in). If you’re able to love yourself, then you’ll be able to avoid entering toxic relationships but if for some reason you are unable to try love yourself; resorting to finding others to fill up those voids, then darling you are going to encounter a lot of toxic relationships.

How To Improve Your Relationship With Yourself.

1.) Analyze your relationship: Analyzing the relationship you have with yourself will help you out with identifying any underlying issue or just help you get a sense of how good or not your relationship with yourself is.

2.) Identify the sore spots: While analyzing the kind of relationship you have with yourself, be sure to look out for existing sore spots that could cause problems (or are already causing them). Pick out all the sore spots and try to figure out a way to work on them.

3.) Keep a journal: Ahh yes, the good old trusty journal where you can write your deepest, darkest thoughts, vent about any and every, express yourself however you want and of course, keep track of your progress at certain things. When analyzing your relationship with yourself, I’d advise you to start keeping a journal because it would be very helpful (if you want to know how to keep one, then I have a post that would be so helpful). You can check it out here and start your own.

4.) Make time for yourself: As human beings, we find ourselves with so many things to do and so little time to do it because we have packed up schedules that usually leave us feeling too drained to do anything, even for ourselves. That’s why we have to take out time from our ever busy schedules to take care of ourselves because hey, YOLO.

5.) Go on a journey of self discovery: While making out time for yourself, why don’t you take the opportunity to discover yourself? Like just go on a short break where you just learn about yourself and what you like. Trust me, you won’t regret it because not only will you get to relax but you will also learn more about yourself and the things that make you happy. Talk about a win win.

6.) Learn to love yourself: And this is where the iconic self love comes in (I mean I couldn’t really talk about improving your relationship with yourself without mentioning this even once). By loving yourself, it means that you’re going to appreciate and take care of yourself because you come first and your wellbeing is important. So love you and take good care.

Love of God,of man, and of self. Keep them all in balance.
Never forget to love yourself.

And that my dears, is how to improve your relationship with yourself (broken down to the best of my ability). I’m sorry that I haven’t really been tip top but well that’s because I kinda lost vibes to keep on due to the confusion that is blog much definition and the fact it dried up my content tank. I may or may not post again till next year, depends on when I get it together. For now though, just enjoy the post and tell me what you think, see you later loves.

Yours’ truly, Arreta.

To improve your relationship with yourself,you must learn to love yourself.
Self love is the best love.


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