2021: A New Year Of Self Discovery.

Aloha mi amigas…and welcome to the new year. So how was the last year for you? Was it awesome or was it terrible? And how excited are you to see another year, another 365 days full of new opportunities, adventures and chances to become a better version of yourself, get rid of the baggage of the past year and come even closer to achieving all your goals? I bet you’re pretty excited, huh? Don’t worry…cause I am too😄😄.

So, we’ve reached a new year & well, a whole new clean slate for us to correct the mistakes of the past and try new things; through the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning. And; as part of the new year traditions, we have to set goals for ourselves that will help us move through the year and beyond.

This is where new year resolutions come in. New year resolutions are those little goals we set our minds on at the beginning of the year,with the aim of achieving them within the year or at most by the end of the year (it all depends on you and the time frame you set for your goals).

Now, with the dawn of a new year come new goals that we want to achieve this year, things we wish to change about ourselves, or new things that we want to try doing. Either way, new year, new goals (I believe I’m right about this) and well, I’d love to hear what your plans for the new year are. Maybe you can tell me all about them in the comments below or through the contact form on my Contact Me page (your choice on which one).

In the meanwhile, I’ve decided that my main goal for this new year will be to go on a journey of self discovery because I’ve realized that I really need to learn about myself and work on my self care which is quite lacking💔. I’ve also decided to remain single for the whole year because I’m tired of always being in a relationship that doesn’t really do much for me…all because I’m trying to fill a void in my being that’s painfully obvious. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten more bad than good out of it so I’ve realized that I need to become more independent and grow a backbone which is part of my plan for this year (the other parts include focusing on my academics and working towards making this blog something really big).

Well, that’s it for me for now, a big official welcome to 2021, a year of me beginnings and self discovery…for me and for a lot of us. So…what is your plan for 2021? Just let me know in the comments below…and yeah, I’ve resumed work for the year, hopefully I’ll correct my mistakes with this blog and make it much more awesome. Anyways, see you later loves….

Yours’ truly, Arreta🌺.


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