10 Things Women Want In A Man (And Then Some).

“Men want a woman who…”

“You have to be more … if you want to get a man”

So many times I’ve checked out different relationship blogs either out of curiosity or I’m actually confused about something and hope that Relationship Rules would be able to help me out by shedding a little light on it (yes I check out love blogs when I have relationship troubles, they’re quite helpful) and I noticed that not many of them actually talk about what women want in a man. Like okay I know that the majority of people who read relationship blogs are women who are hoping to find a solution to a particular problem they’re facing (or maybe people who just want to check it out to spice up the romance…or the bedroom) but still; that doesn’t change the fact that there are guys out there who actually visit relationship blogs whenever they’re confused about something concerning their relationship (yes gentlemen, I know you exist and that you are out there ) and would actually like to know some of the things that women would want in a man, those things that we’d always look out for in a man before going in or out the door.

Plus, there’s also the fact that not many women get to have their voices heard when it comes to what their looking for in a man (I mean, it’s much easier to see how to be a woman every man will desire than how to be a man every woman will want, I’m speaking from experience here ) and so, as the girl that I am; I decided to write a list of some of the most important things women want in a man and would most definitely be on the look out for when they are going out with a guy (I asked a couple of girlfriends for their opinions so rest assured this post contains the opinion of more than just me). Enough of that though, let’s get to the main part of the post, shall we?

10 Things Women Want In A Man.

1.) Honesty: Of course this had to top the list, and with good reason. It is one of the bedrocks of a lasting relationship as it helps build trust and shows respect; which are the two other bedrocks. I mean, it’s wonderful feeling knowing that you have someone who respects you and your feelings enough to tell you the truth no matter what, and it’s painful when the person you’re with lies to you. So yeah, that’s that.

2.) Respect: Ahh yes, respect; the second bedrock. A lot of us want a man who’d respect us; flaws and all. Trust me, nothing is better than having a partner who’d respect you no matter what; who respects you enough to always be honest with you (even if it hurts), to always be loyal to you and who respects you enough to acknowledge you as their partner. Most people would say that love is for women while respect goes for men (I’ve heard this before) but then here’s a little question; how do you love someone if you’re not able to respect them? Just think about it.

3.) Trustworthy: And finally, we’re down to the last one of the big three in this list. In this day and age where the dating scene is filled with mind games here and there, finding a trustworthy man is a prize. I mean, you wouldn’t have to worry so much about trusting him because you know he won’t betray your trust and hurt you (unless you’re like me and have major trust issues which were heightened by your bad exes). And trust, is the basic foundation of a healthy relationship so a lot of people would definitely want to find a partner who’s worthy of their trust.

4.) Good hygiene: Imagine meeting this fine guy and crushing on him from afar. Only to find out that his personal hygiene ain’t so good (or is rather nonexistent) when you guys finally get to know each other. Major turn off right? A guy who’s able to recognize the need for grooming himself and takes his personal hygiene quite seriously is a guy lots of women would want. Just saying though🤷🏽.

5.) Intelligence: An intelligent guy is a guy whom you’d be able to have lots of interesting conversations with on lots of different topics. Apart from that, there’s also the fact that intelligence is just sexy and that an intelligent man would be able to help you solve problems that arise. So yes, it’s there.

6.) Good sense of humour: A guy with a good sense of humour is a guy whose company you’re bound to enjoy, because you’d be sure to have a few genuine laughs because he is just so funny and entertaining. This of course gets better when he puts in some effort to be even extra funny for you (so sweet). Apart from that, it’d be easier to just be you and goof around with a man who has a good sense of humor (not a kill joy who’d be giving you them judgy eyes for dancing around in your PJs) and yes, a lot of women are attracted to humor.

7.) Romantic: Ohh yes yes yes, which girl doesn’t love a good romantic gesture that will absolutely melt your heart. A man who is able to be romantic and affectionate with you is a dream, I mean you’d never really have trouble worrying about his feelings if he always makes little romantic gestures to remind you of how special you are to him (especially if you’re a hopeless romantic like me ). But I have to give a little warning though; some guys are masters of deception and can be oh so romantic when they want to get in your pants so I’ll advise you to be careful and keep a watch out for possible red flags.

8.) Money & Financial Literacy: I’m sure a lot of you actually expected to see this on the list, but then not exactly like this. I mean yes it’d be nice to have a man with enough money to spoil you with gifts and treat you like a princess but then there’s more to that, and that’s where financial literacy comes in. A man who has money is nice, but a man who actually knows how money works and is quite good with handling his funds…that is one hell of a catch. At least you’d be sure the rainy days won’t feel so rainy.

9.) Kindness: Yesss, we want a man who’d be kind enough to consider us and our feelings whenever he’s making a decision; who would do his best to cheer us up when we’re down or at least just utter a few kind words to lift us up and most of all, a man who’s kind enough to keep his words above the belt while fighting and not showcase how brutal his tongue can be. A kind person is a kind person, and kind people make the best partners, so yeah that’s that.

10.) Love: And finally, love. Honestly, I believe everyone (or most people rather) is looking for some form of love in their lives, even if they won’t say it. Love is a beautiful thing and yes, a lot of women are looking for a man who’d be able to love them as they are because they want to be able to experience the beauty that is love. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky to find it and might meet some trouble along the way before they find it (I had to go through two bad exes and a crush that didn’t do me much good before I found my current boyfriend who’s shown me that love is not dead❤).

Ohhh, hold on a sec. I’m not exactly done with this list (like I said, I asked a couple of girlfriends and well, they had quite a couple of things to say) so just sit back for a few and let me add a few other things that didn’t really make the top 10 for me but are still worthy of note:

11.) Good looks: Oh, I hope you didn’t think I’d leave this out of the list? Nah fam, that’s not possible, because if I’m being honest a lot of us consider appearance first when meeting someone for the first time. Now I’m not saying we’re looking for Greek God fine but then, we’d like a guy whose looks are presentable.

12.) Loyalty: In this era where cheating is seen as the in thing and people couldn’t care less about switching up on people who trust them, loyalty is a gem. I mean who wouldn’t want a guy who makes you feel like your trust in him isn’t misplaced and who doesn’t switch up on you the moment he sees something better. Yeah, it’s awesome and a lotta women want that (with good reason).

13.) Unafraid to show emotions: Now I know society has put it out there that men are meant to be stoic and all and not show too much emotion for fear of being seen as weak but here’s something; women like a man who’d be vulnerable enough to open up and show his emotions without fear of being seen as less of a man. I mean, it’s a sign of trust and well a lot of us want to be trusted by our partners and how best to show that you trust us than by showing your emotions.

14.) Supportive: Who doesn’t want a partner who’s caring enough to support them in everything they do (so far as it isn’t too crazy yeah)? A supportive man empowers his woman and a lot of women need someone they can lean on for support when they’re working towards achieving their goals or when they feel overwhelmed. Supporting your partner is one awesome way to show them you love them yunno😉.

15.) Understanding: A man who understands that there are times when you will get jealous, moody and insecure and who won’t make you feel weird for feeling that way is a national treasure. He understands that there will be good times as well as bad and he’s ready to go through all that with you. In my case, my boyfriend understands I’ve been hurt before and am still very quite scared of loving again and so far, he’s been great❤. So yeah, the message here is clear, right?

Well there it is, a comprehensive enough list of the things that women want in a man (trust me, there’s much more than this but well I think this should be enough for now). So, ladies; which of these qualities do you want in a man and gentlemen, which of these do you have? I guess I’m done for now though, so see ya ❤.

Yours truly, Arreta🌺.


  1. Grayce says:

    this is all I ever want ❤️

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      Tell me about it

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    Really lovely post. ❤️

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      Thank you darling ❤

  3. Kindness is really important

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      It is oo…very important ❤

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