Fashion As Self Love: How To Love Your Body Through Fashion.

Hey girls, welcome back to my little corner of the Internet where I talk about life as a girl and everything in between❤. Well, after a while of thinking (and a lot of people showing interest in the fashion series), I decided to create another fashion post to add to it, and after looking everywhere for possible fashion blog post ideas that could fit in with this blog, I finally found this one and I just knew I had to talk about it (one because I know you guys would love it and two, it just spoke to me 😂❤). Which is why today I’m going to be talking about how to use fashion to show your body some love.

So, how exactly do you love your body through fashion? I mean, the fashion and beauty industry is quite known for promoting a perfect image and highlighting the less than perfect parts of us when marketing in a bid to get people (like you and I) to patronize them and buy what they offer, with the hope that it makes us perfect and that we could fit in, a trend which tends to cause low self esteem, poor body image, and a host of other bad things (you can check this post out for more if you want). But then, it also has its good sides yunno, like the fact that it’s one heck of a way to express yourself, helps to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence while you’re at it, it also helps you connect with others like yourself and it also helps you leave a good first impression on whoever you meet.

That being said, fashion and self love; how do they link up? Well, I’ll tell you how, self love is simply appreciating yourself the way you are, and your style is one way to do it, after all taking care to enhance your appearance is one way to show your body some love (a very fun one at that, take it from me😏❤) while also boosting your confidence levels, because why not? Now, without further ado, let’s go on to the main part of this blog post…

How To Love Your Body Through Fashion.

1.) Embrace your body the way it is: Of course, the first and most important thing to do is to acknowledge that even with the flaws it might have, your body is perfect to you and you love it just the way it is. One way to do this is by wearing pieces that flatter your physique and improve your appearance…and on the flip side, another way to do this is to keep OFF pieces that do not in any way do justice to your body and do not look good on you in any way. Trendy or not, that’s a no-no.

2.) Find your own style: There’s just something awesome about having a style that’s uniquely yours, one that you can use to express yourself and which can be used to identify you wherever you go. Apart from the fact that it’s unique, there’s also the fact that it’s one fun way to love your body, so yeah that’s that. If you need help with finding it, I have a post for you that should help❤.

3.) Have fun with it: Some intentionality is fine but then the best way is to have some fun while you’re at it because fashion is fun. Rock your style once you’ve found it, get creative with it and try out new things from time to time, trust me you’ll be glad you did it.

4.) Dress with confidence: Or as I’d like to call it; confidence dressing. Confidence dressing is one of the best ways you can use your style to love your body, because it highlights your confident inner self, and it lends you a little bit of self confidence when you don’t really have it (yes, we all have our down times). Besides, what better way is there to scream I Love Me than by dressing up to look like a total bad bitch who’s got her act together?

5.) Just do you: In the end, I will always tell you that the best way to love yourself is to just do you and that doesn’t change even though fashion is involved. Of course, its tempting to keep up with all the latest trends in the fashion world but sometimes, it’s better if you just chillax and do your own thing, because you’d definitely feel more like you if you do. If you are all for trends though, then do go ahead and rock them, because it’s your body, your choice❤.

Well, that’s really all I have to tell you about it, because there is no super complex formula to using fashion as another way to love your body and by defect; yourself. So yeah, there are a ton of other ways to fashionably love your body and maybe later I’ll mention them but for now, I’m outta here, until next time❤❤❤.

Yours’ truly, Arreta🌺.


  1. Ezichi says:

    Amma give this post a straight ‘A’
    Thanks for coming through with the series

    1. Benita says:

      You’re welcome sweetie. I’m glad you loved it

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